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What is your cast load and bullet?
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Originally Posted by weshowe View Post

A number of years ago I started a thread about the Commander pistol and was amazed at the outpouring of support and love for the abbreviated Colt 1911. In the ensuing years I've had one encounter "in extremis" where I had to draw my Colt. Luckily, four opponents stood down and no shots were fired. A very welcome and lucky outcome. It could have gone either way.

I'll be honest. I did stray into the world of Sigs and still own several. If I didn't carry a 1911 I'd carry the Sig. I feel that strongly about the Sig. Still, I went back to the Colt Commander sized guns and have been more than happy with that choice.

Why? Well, the Commander is ALL it's cracked up to be and has all the attributes we discussed, at length, in that old article. Nothing handles and functions as well as the 19ll Commander in .45 ACP. There in may line the true reason for the Colts popularity. A ergonomically sound platform married to what may be the finest self defense cartridge ever designed.

Does this make me a dinosaur? Probably, but it's a label I'll proudly long as I can wear it with my 1911 Commander.

Your thoughts are solicited.

Hi Wes, I just purchased a Sig Sauer P226 9mm, on line at Gun Broker for $800.00. I am going to my FFL, gun shop tomorrow to pick up paper work. So I can turn in permit paperwork to police fire arm section next week Tuesday as Monday is a state holiday out here. Then I wait 14 days.

The Colt 1911 .45 ACP Commander is on my short list this year or next to purchase.
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The true king of the Commanders is the original Commander - the Browning High Power. The "commander" that existed long before Colt decided perhaps they should follow suite.

I do own one 1911, a very sweet 10mm Dan Wesson CBOB, that serves as the bear wrench here. For all the svelt handling and natural pointing of the High Power, there is no way you are going to drop a 10mm cartridge in there. And here it is, surrounded by it's brethern from the remainder of the daily carry battery (evaluation of daily activities is a little different when grizzlies and cougars are regularly transiting the property).

For a full size pistol, nothing beats a Hi Power, including a Glock and the remainder of the brick-on-a-stick utilitarian pocket pistols. Which may be why the High Power achieved such widespread acceptance and issue throughout the world, which in many cases continues today.

However... the CBOB is about as close to a High Power in feel as you can reasonably expect, and it makes the recoil of 220 gr WFN bullets at just under 1200 fps painless, and remarkably controllable as well.

This one won't be leaving my possession as long as I'm on this side of the grass, same as the rest of them.

And I have to say that the little Shield has managed to win itself a great deal of respect as well. Sometimes it is just too much of a pain to dress for a full size pistol.
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Originally Posted by jeep View Post
What is your cast load and bullet?

Sorry but I missed your post...

That is a SAECO 383 140 grain with 6.0 grains of Unique...1230 fps I believe...

You can buy the bullets from Montana...

VERY accurate bullet...I have run them in both 9mm and Super and feed in everything tried...

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Has been a while since anyone posted on this thread...

Have recently bought two non-Colt Commanders...

First was back in December...seller on GunBroker put out a well used Dan Wesson Guardian in .38 Super... The "Duty Finish" was badly blotched on both sides of the slide... New the guns were running in the $1200s...he wanted $899 plus I took the chance as this would be my fist 1911 with a checkered frontstrap and figued if I liked the gun I could have it hard chromed by Accurate and if I didn't wouldn' t loose much...

When it arrived I opened the box to find a gun that was like new. I had to pull up the auction to make sure the serial numbers matched...they did... Don't know what was on the surface that made the pics so bad but I was happy...and it shoots like a dream... #4 6 oz. crisp trigger and the frontstrap checking is very "muted". And the bobtail fits the hand much like the arched mainspring housing that I prefer... Had has zero issues...

Number two was a few weeks ago. Had always wanted to drop a .357 SIG barrel in one of the multi-caliber Kimbers I have but was hesitant because of reported feeding problems... Found a SIG Nightmare Carry for $200 less than than the going price and bought it.... Beautifully put together except for the HORRIBLE 6# 1 oz CREEPY CRUDDY trigger pull. Gun is all steel so is heavier than the DW and is also a bob-tail.

Am thinking of getting extra barrels in .38 Super, 10mm and or .40 S&W... Will have the trigger done when the barrel(s) are installed...

And I did sell one Combat Commander I had...a RIA TAC II in 10mm... Very tightly put together gun that shot just as well as the 1911s I have costing 2-3 times as much... Excellent sights, 100% reliable and a 4# 10oz crisp trigger... But it had a bull bushingless barrel that threw the balance off for me and that was the #1 reason it was sold... Picked the right time to sell it as there were ZERO on the market and sold for 30% more than I paid for it new...

So any of you have any new Commanders???


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