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Your Military 9mm of choice.

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Just posting a poll to go along with Sockman's thread... vote if you will but posting is not necessary.
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Hello strider72,

I'm glad you had The High Power listed on the poll.

I still believe The High Power is Light Years Ahead of all the others, and it will always be my first choice, even for our Military.

Single Action Automatic All The Way... Rock-n-Roll

Take Care,
The Sockman
Other for me: Ruger KP95DC
As much as I like the HiPower and am learning that the Glock is not too bad I must choose the CZ.. In my hand and mind nothing beats the CZ 75b as a military handgun.. It has form,function and accuracy and is user friendly..What more could one ask for ??
Hello all,

I voted for the Beretta M9.

I believe that we are served by a basically good, sound pistol.

I further believe that it is not receiving proper maintenance and is therefore malfing.

Locking block: Replace every 5k rounds. Is this done?

Magazines: Go Mec-Gar or at least replace the springs. How often is this done?

I would venture to say that the current problems have less to do with the design of the pistol than with the "lowest bidder" concept and that any pistol chosen would fall prey to this problem.

Josh <><
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sig 226, in 9mm, the best what else is there ?
If price is not an option than go with a SIG. If price is a concern than go with CZ but not the 75, one of the newer ones like the P-O1'

Okey Dokey, let me join in... The only combat experience that I have had with a handgun was in Vietnam. The lower Colt M1911A1 surely saved my life in a very intense gunfight in 1967 along the Go Cong river in the Mekong Delta. I will be indebted to it forever!

As far as 9MM's go, I would pick the HP with the following changes. Remove the mag safety, add a ring hammer, ala Inglis, extended frame at the rear to prevent hammer bite, extended thumb safety and mag release. Also add a lanyard loop...

I would also remove the step in the forward slide and add cocking grooves.

I threw the SW1911 in to illustrate the the slide changes I would make, BTW, this S&W is my favorite shooter! I have to date put over 5,000 rounds through it with ZERO malfunctions. If you must have a 9MM, why not a SW1911/9MM? ???

Also let me relate a combat event that I witnessed in 'Nam. During a firefight, a VC jumped up in front of a Marine that was carrying a .45. The VC was armed with a old bolt action rifle, and tried to bayonet the Marine. The Marine parried the thrust and backhanded the VC in the forehead with the old slabsides. When the poor lad hit the turf, he was DEAD....

The Marine took the blood covered .45 and swished it around in the dirty water in a rice paddy to remove the blood and other material, slung it around to clear the water out, and it was ready to go!

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Well,at this time...

The HiPower is smoking'em at 55%

Glock is second at 17%

The Beretta and CZ are at a tie for third at 8% each

Other(????) is at 5%

Hk USPs are at 2%

And the others are still zilch.

I am surprised more haven't voted for the Sig 228...it is a good,compact.and reliable pistol. I voted for Glocks myself but the Sig would be my second vote then the CZs.
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i voted for the BHP since i think it's the best 9mm but i do like the sigs.
I love the BHP. The triggers on SIG-Sauers are wonderful.

But I voted for what I carry, a Glock.
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Saw somewhere that Ruger just got a military contract for some KP95 9mm's. Smart move. Keep it USA. ;)
Hey,oldgranpa...Most of the Sigs are made in New Hampshire...and the Berettas are made in Maryland. Glock is making frames in Smyrna,Georgia...not the slides because the EPA would eat them up over the tennifer process byproducts or something. The SW99 is partly made here...so keeping it just Made in the USA starts getting foggy.... ???
true. Like Toyotas are made in USA plants, etc. etc. but the cream goes to Japan, or whereever.
Ruger is one of the few remaining all made in USA by USA employees, who live in the USA, and pay USA taxes, and keep the money here. At least that's what they say.
Next thing you know everything will come from China and we can kiss our butts goodbye.
So I try to buy USA whenever I can. It's getting harder to do every day. Just go to WalMart and see how they have changed from their original motto of several years ago to sell only made in USA.
Besides, have you tried lately to get any service from Glock, Beretta, Sig, etc.??
I wrote a letter to Beretta about a problem with my Tomcat last October. Never got a reply. So I just sold the stupid thing and went with KelTec, NAA, Ruger.
The attitude of these foreign companies to us Americans is fine, buy their product and after that their reply is KMA.
Done blowing my horn.
Hope the Military goes 100%Ruger and tells Beretta KMA.
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I have to agree with Oldgranpa on this one .
My vote is for the P- 95 I own one and trust it.
I also enjoy my P-97 and the fact that they are made
in the USA is a added bonus.

sig 226, in 9mm, the best what else is there ?
I hate to disagree But I much prefer HK to Sig
Hi there all,

I agree with oldgrandpa.

Ruger is the way to go, too much of our money is being sent to foreign lands and the Ruger is a reliable and robust pistol. Besides, you can get the Ruger in almost any flavor, getting parts/service is not a problem, and we need to understand that most of our European Allies have a practice of ducking out on us when we get into the thick of it. No matter where they build their plants to get lucrative contracts.

I knew Carolinaman was a patriot. Way to go, Chris.
Hi there oldgrandpa,

Here is the news release that you were referring to:


I think that the US Army should give Beretta the boot now and maybe the rest of the military will follow suit.

I am sorry in advance for so stridently voicing my opinion. However, how many of our foreign allies use American made handguns? Particularly, 9mm pistols?

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