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XS Sights on a Hi Power

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Has anyone used the XS Sights on a Hi Power.
They seem like they would work great.
They have a large dot and regular sight dot and I've read that they make for quick aquisition.

Thanks for the opinons.
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I haven't put any rounds through one, but I have handled a beautiful two toner with the big dot sight. It was quick to aquire, but I don't know how much precision you would get out of it, but it should be great in defensive shooting and on the plates.
Hi there,

XS express sights are currently offered as a factory standard on The Charles Daly HP. To see how they look check out their web site at www.charlesdaly.com.
Personally, they appear too big for any fine target work, but would work well for CQB applications.

I just read about PSI Sights- Precision Sights International.
They have fiber optic sights that look very easy to see. They do not have them for the Hi Power, but the other sights look good. They are adjustable.

Any experience with these?
Long years ago, after reading Fairbarin and Syke's "Shooting to Live" I rigged up a set of express sights on a 1911..of course I used a brass bead instead of Gold.

I found that it did indeed pick up light well (there being no such thing as nite sights back then) and it was quick up close (but no quicker than one adept at the flash sight picture) but that it was horrible for deliberate shooting at 25 yards and out.

Others may find it not as bad for them but the problem I see is that for a precicise shot you have to look at the bottome of the sight and the top at the same time, unlike the Patridge sight in which all you have to see is the "data line".

Still, for most CQB I am sure it will suffice.

I like the looks of that Charles Daly and since both sights are in a dovetail and can be replaced, I might give them a try.

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Would Novak Ghost Ring sights be offer faster acquisition as well as more precision?
I've used the Novak 3-dots and they are great, but I've never seen the Ghost Rings.

Ghost rings work great on a rifle, where the ring is up close to your face. How they work on a pistol depends on exactly how your shooting platform works but I will say that I have never seen a set of ghost rings on a real gunman's pistol...I have seen a couple of the "half ghost rings" but they are more aptly described as a Patridge sight with a whole lot of daylight.

One thing I discoverd by accident is that round sights on a pistol send accuracy down the tubes. The first pistol I owned with 3-dot sights was a Bren X, with a Colt Officers model soon to follow. Neither one of them grouped very well (to be honest I wasn't surprised by the O.M.).

I finally figured out that I was trying to line up the dots rather than look at the "data line". When I painted out the the dots (painting the front sight orange) both pistols turned out to be very accurate....that the O.M. would shoot 1.5 to 2" groups at 25 meters was a big surprise!.

Round sights work swell up close but you loose a lot...or I should say I and a lot of other folks loose a lot. I had a student that could shoot the XS sights on his P7 very well at range and another one who has one on his S&W 642. However both have gone on to Patridge sights on their subsequent guns.

Just ramblin,

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At this year's NRA convention, I handled several prop guns outfitted with XS sights. Both standard Big Dot and tritium night versions; full light and pitch dark. (They had a little room covered in heavy black drapes.) If I had a carry gun for which they are available, I would immediately install a set. For a personal defense weapon that will be used up close, they will work great. IMO they are one of a handful of custom add-ons for which the ad hype is justified.
Hey, Ad Guy, last Sunday I shot a friends 40 Bhp with XS sights. We split a box of WWB 40 cal, I fired 25 rnds. My first three rnds at 20 yds were left and low(a pattern when shooting a new pistol, I tend to anticipate the break). It progressed a little better and I could keep it in the black. I didn't feet comfortable with the sight picture and after 25 rnds only it looked like somebody had taken a shot gun to the target. I think 20 yards was probably max range for this old man with those type of sights. Change is hard at my age, I'm sure with practice I could improve but initially I was pressing.
As Yoda said, (or maybe my wife) practice, practice, practice.
The Best
Thanks for the observations.

Slidestop were the XS sights you used big dot or the standard dot?
I think that XS sights fulfill a certain need, but NOT on either of my BHPs. I installed a set of the XS Big Dot Tritium sights on my Kahr P40 (3 1/2" bbl). Obviously, this is not a target gun and so precision was sacrificed for the sake of faster sight acquisition. I personally think XS sights are at their best on short-barrelled SD guns, i.e., the Kahrs, Glock 26/27/33, etc. A XS Big Dot front sight would be great on a J-frame revolver.

My absolute favorite sights for my longer barrelled handguns are the HEINIE Slant Pros...terrific sight picture, IMHO.

I personally think the MKIII sights are PERFECT, I flat love'em, and would not change them if the gun were mine. I love'em so much, that I have even thought about putting a set of MKIII sights on a 1911. I would NOT even change the smaller sights on a older "Classic" High Power, it's probally a sin to do that anyway!

I really think that after-market sights take away alot of the HP's Beauty and Sleek Looks!

I also think that alot of folks have forgotten all about Point Shooting or Instinct Shooting when it comes to useing a pistol for Defence. "Combat" CQB Pistols are just that, they are for punching holes in charging aggressor's at close range. My neighbor fought in WWII, Korea & Nam, we talk almost everyday about some of the fights he was in, he remembers the fights all to well, but, he DOESN'T remember seeing the Sights, except, for taking some head shots with a rifle. I also believe my buddy next door really loved his job, and was quite good at it!

adguy, I was not trying to highjack your thread or flame you in anyway, it's just that he & I were talking about Point Shooting/Instinct Shooting last week, and I thought that all of us & you, might find what he said about useing Reflexive Point Shooting interesting.

Plus, I do admit, I'm trying to save ALL the High Power Slides that I can from the Milling Machine!

Take Care Everyone,
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