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WWII Star 380

??? Any Body know where I might find a firing pin and a couple spare mags?? As soon as I figure how to work my camera I'll post pics.

WWII Star 380

What you are looking for will be extremely hard to find --- maybe impossible. Here are my list of references for Star parts:

Dealers of Spares & Accessories for Star Pistols

Spares for old and out of production firearms are frequently very difficult to find. Especially with many Stars being less than totally popular in the US, this is a particular difficulty. Magazines are mostly very easy to find, just do a web search for your model name or number, browse a gun show or visit your local gun shop.

Gun Parts Corporation

The (Numrich) Gun Parts Corporation is almost always the best place to start for any gun parts. Calling is still a good idea, but they finally got a decent online catalog. Check it out at www.gunpartscorp.com.


SARCO frequently advertises one part or another in their advertising or at www.sarcoinc.com/. They have cleaning rods, new Star Super barrels, magazines for the B-Super and other stuff.

However, they also apparently bought most or all of Interarms' stock when they dropped the Star line. The items are not inventoried, so are not listed, but like most of these parts suppliers, if you call and ask they will look for the item for you. This includes parts for the PD, BM, BKS, BKM, Models 30, 31, Firestar, Ultrastar and others. Sarco is a generally nice place, and everyone gets good service from them.

They even have a small number of brand new Star pistols for sale, such as nickel Firestar Pluses (Firestars Plus?) and M30P and M models. These can be seen here and by searching the site. I would also call if you are interested in other guns or need more details.

323 Union St.
Stirling, NJ 07980
1-908-647-3800 (8 am-4:15 pm EST)

SARCO has had a large supply of Star parts, pistols and factory magazines for some time, and is starting to advertise them, often with really good prices. Here's a selection of just some advertised lately:

B Super:
(SARCO insists on calling the B Super the "Modelo Super")
$13.50 each, or 3 for $34.50, or 10 for 99.50!

Model F:
Model FN & FR, used mags:
Model A Super:
Model B:
Model PS (.45):
Model PD (.45):


Especially for our european readers, there is recent news of a place called IPAR Guns. They say they were founded in 1997, and are in Eibar. That, photos of machinery, their claimed expertise and the lines of parts they carry (Astra and Star, esp.) lead me to believe they might be not just filling a niche, but actually some spinoff of the bankruptcies and mergers. Total speculation on my part, but it sounds possible.

Regardless, they have a website, though its rather poorly coded, so is a little hard to use. Carries a stack of parts for the entire 28/30/31 series, as well as all the Firestars. They sell DEWATs of a lot of other models, and refer to other guns, so if you have a question about a part they do not list, I would call them up.

Calle Sostoa, 2-4
Aptdo. P.O. BOX. 527
20600 Eibar (Spain)
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +34 943 20 41 17
Fax : +34 943 12 09 06

More on IPAR:

Listen up troops. I'm only going to say this once, so write it down and get it right(smile) All you star owners, the M series and even the older Stars. There is a Spanish site, Iparguns in Spain, that has a web site and They seem to have all the left over Star parts. Their site has a English button and you can order modern parts or E-Mail for older parts. Payment is in Euros so you have to use a Credit card ( They have have a secure site guard)If you E-Mail them it takes about 8 to 12 days to get an answer and the same amount of time to get your parts. People who have ordered from them are pleased. I haven't used them so I'm added this as a precaution just so you don't come back and hit me over the head, "Use them at your own risk." From all the post we've had looking for Star parts and magazines this may be just the ticket. If you use them post back and let us know how it went OK. Good luck:


I bought a rear sight for my Star Model SS from IPAR and had good results. You have to make an inquiry via email and it took something like 8 or 9 days for them to get back to me that they had the sight. They were very helpful and offered me two options - the standard fixed sight or the Model Fs adjustable sight, which they said would fit. Also, they can't export any major parts like barrels, slides, or frames. Good Luck

Bob's Gun Parts

Bob's gun parts has a LOT of weird mags for Stars. They also bought a large selection of spares from Interarms once, so might even have your spares. Try him out. He carries an extensive selection of all sorts of small parts for many of the older Star pistols. A particular specialty is the S and a full selection of parts for all of the minor variants is usually in stock. Contact him at: 501-767-1970


My gunsmith was able to get an extractor for an M40 firestar from Brownell's last week. Looks like it was made for them, not a factory part. Works ok tho.

Historical Parts

If you still cannot find parts for your older Star pistol, try sending some mail to this place: [email protected]. They mostly carry WWII German parts, but also have parts for most Spanish rifles and the Star model A pistols. Inventory changes frequently, so be sure to ask if they have the parts you are looking for.
Wolff Gun Springs

Everyone should replace any potentially bad springs with new springs from W.C. Wolff Company. They also have optional over or under factory power springs for some applications.

P.O. Box I
Newton Square, PA 19073-0458
Orders: 1-800-545-0077 (Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST)
Information: 1-610-359-9496
I and many others I know have ordered from W.C. Wolff and received excellent service. They invariably have excellent products.

Joe Lowe Clips & Mags

Joe Lowe carries a wide selection of magazines, including a whole section for Star pistols. The day I put this up he had mags for the Firestar and Firestar Plus (13-round!), 45 Megastar, 9 Ultrstar and PD among others. Also interesting was a selection of the +1 mags for Firestars. I think they are all used, but in good shape.
[email protected]


The following companies I have not dealt with firsthand. If anyone has had a good or bad experience, please tell me about it. Also, please tell me of any other suppliers of parts that may be helpful to others.

Marstar stocks a variety of parts for Models A, B, and P.

Orders: 1-888-744-0066
Information: 1-613-678-3173
Fax: 1-613-678-2359

Federal Arms Corporation of America stocks new walnut grips for the Star A, B, C, M, and Super and new stainless steel replacement barrels Star Super, and Star A in 9mm Largo and Parabellum.

7928 University Ave.
Fridley, Minnesota 55432

John Colomb stocks parts for B-Supers

John Colomb
9803 Plum Ridge Drive
Houston, TX 77064
Phone: 713-937-7187
Email: [email protected]

Other Ways to Find Spare Parts

Try asking the local gunsmith. Don't know one? Ask a local gun shop, as they probably do. They are very resourceful, and either know all the tricks, or sometimes can just make you the part you need. If something critical cracks in half, don't loose it. The gunsmith might be able to weld it back together or make a new one based on looking at the broken part.

A number of gunsmiths buy the remainder of guns demilled by local police departments (I gather this is increasingly not allowed, however). I once got a complete M30M slide for $35 (I don't have it anymore, don't ask). They might not even know what they have, so if they have a pile of parts, drive on over and look at it.

And I want to reiterate again, the gun industry is really very friendly. Call up the local places. Call up the big parts suppliers. They have lots more than will ever be in any catalog, and if they don't have it they might just know who does if you talk to them long enough.

Custom Parts

One of our readers suggests Josef Dlask for those hard to find parts. He made a Firestar extractor just by looking at the slide. More than typical spares, but cheaper than a new gun so if that's your only option... Expect some turnaround time as well.

Dlask Arms Corp.
202B - 1546 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M6M4
Phone: 604-527-9942
Fax: 604-527-9982
Email: [email protected]

They also have offices in the US and Europe, so this applies to more than just the Canadian readers

Star Pistol Classifieds

Here you might find the part you want. I am gonna post up a few items other readers have and want to get rid of. Send all postings to me at [email protected]. Please make sure its a Star part. If not, I'll toss it.

* I just acquired a complete slide & barrel assy marked: "BONIFIACIO ECHEVERRIA-ELIBAR (ESPANA) *STAR* CAL9M/M 38" with crowned P proof marks and number 84 3 stamped on the firing pin housing extrusion bottom. It is is fair condition, shows little use but age and appears in serviceable condition. It is an early MD Model with the fire control selector in the right side rear slide. It is lacking the tangent sight tension spring. I would like to try to find the missing parts to make it servicable, but might consider selling it if this is not possible.l
Contact: [email protected]

EbAY and the gun auction/sale websites commonly lists parts for all kinds of gun:



Try Glend Arms Mfg. Co. PO Box 361, Secane, Pa 19081 or Tom Forrest (619)561-5800. Both specielize in obsolete and hard to find FP's. If push comes to shove get a piece of LaSalle Fatigue Proof steel from Brownells and turn one in your drill press/motor.

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WWII Star 380

Thank you. This is a very good list, and a few I did not know about.

I sold my Star because it was too hard to find parts for, and no gunsmith here would work on it. But I replaced it with an FNHP Mk3!

Just a bit of trivia... My Star Super B was stamped with a "B" and "Modelo Super" on the butt of the grip.
(SARCO insists on calling the B Super the "Modelo Super")


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WWII Star 380

In the future in case you need to know,the star 380's were notorious for having over hardened fp's translation-brittle. Tom forrest never could send the right one, so just buy a 1/4 inch grade 8 bolt and make your own.Not that hard of a job,if you have the old one for specs.

WWII Star 380

Bob: You might want to check this site:


and go down to the Spanish Pistol board. There are quite a few Star pistol fans there, as well as a gent named STAR who has a lot of factory Star parts for sale direct from Spain.

FWIW, I have owned and really liked several Star pistols in the past and am buying 2 more at the moment.

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