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... And it's all .45acp and .22lr.
I have a 9mm.

Hi All,

Somewhere I mentioned that my sister's friend had a relative who passed away. My sis got the ammo and my parents transported it to me.

I have no idea if the ammo itself is collectable but I got a few other goodies:

Colt Gold Cup box. It's old, from the 60's. It's in very good condition. It even has the original factory target and manual intact!

Seven 1911 magazines. They are all 7rnd (loaded one up).

One military training magazine. It's filled with lead.

Two rifle magazines I can't identify. I'm guessing, with my limited knowledge, that it went to an M1 carbine. The cartridges it holds, of which I have none, would be somewhere between a .45 and a true rifle round in length.

One training magazine filled with lead.

Two .45 training rounds. I've seen these on websites before. They're the ones with a couple holes drilled into the case and no primer. Bullets look good, but the shells are a little oxidized.

A set of Pachmyre grips in the original box. There is a rampant Colt on what looks like an original. That one's cracked. I don't know if these are actually the Pachmyres as they are plastic.

A magazine for a Ruger Mk. 1 in the original box. Spring strength is very good and it doesn't even look like it's ever been used???

READING MATERIAL! I left all the ammo at my house (stored in large military ammo boxes) but brought this magazine. It's American Rifleman, November 1966. The cover price is $0.50. It has some cool articles, and is in fair to good condition. It's not mildewed or falling apart anyway. It contains an article entitled (brace yourselves) The 1911 Can Be Accurate and goes on to a bunch of gunsmithing stuff. I plan to read what interests me and sell it.

More grips! These are for a 1911 (looks like from the screw spacing) and are nicely crafted wooden target grips. they are right handed.

I'm going to have to get pics up as some of this stuff will be up for sale, as I mentioned with the magazine. I'm not an ammo collector and maybe, (hopefully), I can sell enough to get a base .45 on which to shoot the non-collectable stuff.

I'm disappointed about the lack of 9mm, but I have to consider the era as well. 'Nam was just starting and the 9mm had yet to take any type of hold.

I will say though, this is like a step back in time, before I was born. It's something else.

If there are any ammo collectors on this board, and you are interested, let me know. I will get pics very quickly of what you specify. Most of the ammo looks Milsurp but there are jacketed semi-wadcutters as well. I can't read some of the henscratch on some of these boxes, but I take it to mean at least some ammo are reloads. Example: Something something 4.0 b(?) something something. I take that to mean 4.0grn of Bullseye under some bullet weight.

This guy knew what he was doing anyway, from the looks. And, it was very important to him. I wish I knew what became of the pistols. I can't believe whoever has them didn't take this stuff.

It's funny how one can form a mental image of someone he's never met just by his gun stuff.

Josh <><

P.S. There is also a full (I think) box of green shotgun shells. I didn't take a very close look. Who makes green shotgun shells??? I thought red is 12g and yellow is 20 (Winchester, Federal). Did Remington do something in the past? Thanks, J.S.
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