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Well, Oregon winter is on the way. Tempuratures are dropping, clouds and rain are on the way. It's Oregon, don't like the weather wait five minutes!
The mode of dress is changing with the rain and cold, too. I'm not saying that folks are dressing like Nanuck of the North, but heavy jackets and rain gear will be the norm for the next six months. Stage set.
Given the above scenario what would you use in a 9mm, 115-124 Gr. or 147 grain heavyweights and why?
My gut instinct has always been to reach for the heavier 147 grain bullets. Probably because 230's are what's used in my .45's. Thus a mental "mind-set" that heavier is better. However, now I'm not sure it matters, as many of the lighter bullets expand and penetrate enough to meet requirements and work well against barriers.
A particular comparison would be the Winchester 127 Gr. +P+ vs thier 147 Gr. standard pressure offering in the Ranger LE line.
My gut reaction is to split the difference between light and heavy and stick with the 127 gr. load. Your thoughts?

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