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I've brought this subject up before, but it's been a while.

A couple times while shooting the Winchester Value Pack in 9mm, I've had failures to extract. The rims were simply too undersized for the extractor to grab them.

It happens a couple times per box with my 1911.

This only occurs with WWB Value Packs. The 50 round packs are just fine so far as I can tell. I've fired about equal amounts of each. No FTEs in either 9mm or .45 with the standard 50 round packs, or with any other ammo.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Josh <><

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No, I shoot a lot of it without problems. But here's something for you to consider. I read a post on another website in which it was said with a lot of certainty that Winchester and Remington value packs contain "seconds" with minor dimensional flaws, but that standard whitebox 50 round boxes do not contain seconds. Now I've never heard this before and I have no idea if it's true, but if it is true it might explain why you get failures in the value packs and not in standard whitebox ammo. ???


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Be aware also that the loose-pack WWB may not be Winchester make. Someone here in a long ago thread said something about it being S&B.

Was about to start a discussion of tiers of QC but think I'll start a new thread.


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