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Winchester Ranger 9mm Performance Comparison

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I've ordered some 9mm Ranger 147 gr.(RA9T) and 127 gr. +P+(RA9TA), but wonder if anyone has done a performance evaluation on them, a la Marshall & Sanow.
Any "street" stats for how they are performing from your departments, etc?
My plan is to do some testing, with chrono results, on Geco "BAT", Winch Ranger 127 RA9T and 147. The 115 +P Corbon, Wnichester Silvertip 115 grain loads, and Federal 115 gr (9BP). Will have all I need to start the test in a week or so.
Should be a fun project
Test firearms will be a G19, BHP, and possibly a SIG 226.

Let me know if you have any information regarding these selections.

Kind Regards,

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The 124 Gold Dots, reg and +P, are very popular. Might be helpful to include those as well.
Stephen and all,

Thanks for the URL's. I've seem most of them already, but will review them later this evening.
Right now there is a large white german shepherd telling me it's time for her woods romp!

Have a new chronograph inbound to held with the testing. Will have to take my digital camera, as well.

Neat thing about sites like this is all us folks come to play and we SHARE!

Mr. Camp,

Thank you for the six excellent articles posted in this thread.

Although I do not own a Browning Hi-Power, but instead a Glock Model 19 and a Sig P-225 you have very well answered many of the questions I have asked myself concerning the 9 mm cartridge's performance. Your common man approach to this subject matter is very refreshing as compared to those who argue and chide each other constantly with their "expert" opinions. I feel any question I may ask here will be welcomed and answered without my being made to feel as if I were ignorant.

Thank you to all the Good Folks I have met here to date. :)

All my ammo for testing is on board and the necessary equipment is ready. I'll be running tests through a G19 and my Barstow barreled BHP 9mm.
This is the ammo I plan to test:
GECO "Bat" anti-terrorist 86 gr.
Winch Silvertip 115 gr.(std press.)
Federal 115 gr. JHP(9BP) (std press.)
Cor-Bon 115 gr. JHP +P
Pro Load 124 gr. Gold Dot +P
Winch "Ranger" 127 gr +P+
Winch "Ranger "147 gr (std press.)

I may have a few other factory loads to try, as well.

Semper Fi,

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What, if any, are the differences between the Pro-Load +P GoldDot and the original CCI version?
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