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Hello. The ammunition that you mention uses Winchester's proprietary "Silvertip" hollow point, a design that has been quietly tweaked over the years so that it performs better than in year's past. The initial 147-gr. "heavy bullet" loads were engineered more for accuracy at greater than normal handgun distances for use in SMG's.

This 147-gr. Winchester "Personal Defense" JHP expanded nicely in wetpack and should penetrate 12" or better in tissue.

I suspect that the round would "work" but in my opinion, the better 147's are:

Winchester Ranger
Speer Gold Dot
Remington Golden Saber

None of these are +P. Most 147-gr. ammunition is not +P though a company or two do offer such loads. Were I going to use 147-gr. 9mm JHP's, the STHP wouldn't be my first choice, but neither would I feel particularly fearful about using it.

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