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Winchester 9mm 147 gr. Silvertip - ST147

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I just inherited some Winchester 9mm 147 grain Silvertip marked "ST147." It is not +P or +p+. It is packaged in the silver box marked "for personal defense."Does anyone have any information on this load's suitability for defensive use? Anyone ever used it or seen any data on it?

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Hello. The ammunition that you mention uses Winchester's proprietary "Silvertip" hollow point, a design that has been quietly tweaked over the years so that it performs better than in year's past. The initial 147-gr. "heavy bullet" loads were engineered more for accuracy at greater than normal handgun distances for use in SMG's.

This 147-gr. Winchester "Personal Defense" JHP expanded nicely in wetpack and should penetrate 12" or better in tissue.

I suspect that the round would "work" but in my opinion, the better 147's are:

Winchester Ranger
Speer Gold Dot
Remington Golden Saber

None of these are +P. Most 147-gr. ammunition is not +P though a company or two do offer such loads. Were I going to use 147-gr. 9mm JHP's, the STHP wouldn't be my first choice, but neither would I feel particularly fearful about using it.

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I love the way 147s fly in comparison to the 115s. They just appear to me to be more accurate.
Thanks once again, Mr. Camp. Your answers are always welcome and appreciated.

I agree there's better defensive ammo around, but since the pricetag on one box of the STHP's is $32.00, I guess I'd better keep them in reserve for a rainy day and not go burning them up on the range right yet. Any defensive ammo is better than no defensive ammo I guess. Shuckydarn, just my luck......

Thanks again, very much.

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