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Winchester 127-gr. +P+ JHP (RA9TA) - Online Source

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Anyone know where I can order this stuff on the internet? Local shop is dragging their feet.
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Go here: http://www.proload.com/shoppingcart/find.asp? and type in the word Winchester. You should be able to find what you are looking for.
Great! Thank you sir.
I've bought directly from Jerry Kirkpatrick, and had a very good experience. Email me if you'd like his contact info. :)

I'm getting my ammo through Jerry Kirkpatrick, as well.

Good prices, super service....a prince of a fella to do business with....I can highly recommend him.

Does he have a minimum order also? Proload wants 5 boxes min and $18.xx per 50.

If this can be beat, I'm all for saving a few dollars. If Jerry is a member here I'd like to help out also if the price is right.
Jerry's not a member here as far as I know, though he posts at Glock Talk and Warrior Talk (where all seem to love doing business with him - as I do).

He charges $18.50/box of 50 (no minimum so far as I can tell), and what appears to be actual shipping.

You can contact him at [email protected] - feel free to mention that I referred you. :)
Tried it out yesterday - that stuff is good! I'm very happy that Mr. Camp wrote it up, since he got me considering it when I never would have otherwise.
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After Stephen's write up and after reading other information, I got a case (500 rounds) to have on hand. The stuff is "authoritative," for want of a better term. In my BHP it sounds like a full charge .357 going off, and the ballistics aren't too far off the 125-grain Remington .357s I carry in my 2 1/2" M66.

The Ranger seems like good stuff.
Hello. It did substantial damage on a deer I killed with it about a year ago and folks on both sides of the "stopping power" schools of study seem to rate it pretty highly. The thing I've found about it is that it is usually very consistent shot to shot over the chronograph from various 9mm handguns and it doesn't seem to get more erratic in the shorter barrels as do some loads. Expansion has been pretty consistent as well.

Seeing the expansion in that deer in your article is what put me over the top to trying it out. Thanks again for such a great site. :)
Can anyone give me an idea of the Proload shipping charges are vs Georgia-Arms for ammo? Thanks. :)
I'll answer my own question. If you buy non-Proload from Proload to your residence, its $8.50 out the door, excluding shipping charges. Shipping is by weight. Georgia Arms charges shipping based on total $$$ value bought, no other charges. Much easier and cheaper to go with Georgia-Arms. They sell new Gold Dot rounds at good prices also. :)
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