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Hi weshowe,
Went to Gander Mtn today just to look around really didn't have anything in mind just looking.When at the gun counter a guy asked the clerk how much for the Sig P6 will my ears went up and
I just listen in the clerk said that it was $349.00 plus tax.
So I asked if I could see one of them he handed it to me and I gave it a quick look over, out of the three I saw it looked to me that they were all in about the same condition. Some Holster ware, don't know about the inside and the parts couln't tell by such a quick inspection. But for $349.00 I think one would clean up just fine.Sure would like to know were I could fined a CPO
220 for right around $500.00 shipped any help is appreciated.
One other thing I did buy a P6 tryed to get the best one out of what they had there. Has anyone eles taken a look at the P6's
that are being offered for sale.What do you think as well as others . Thanks
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