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Hello. Speaking only for myself, I'd say that it's similar to the this-brand-handgun-is-better-than-that and the endless and mindless caliber "discussions" that are frequently seen. Because my "needs", be they real or just perceived, are met with the calibers I currently use, I just don't desire starting up with another caliber for many of the same reasons given by DocRocket earlier.

I've shot a bit of the .357 SIG and personally find it a viable caliber that's potent and offered in some quality handguns. While at DPS Austin during my last CHL instructor recertifications, I got no indications from any of the range staff that DPS was going away from it. It is doing what they need and well...from what I gathered.

With the .45 GAP, my experiences are extremely limited...as in one magazine-full.

For me, I'm pretty well satisfied with the handgun calibers I do have, though I wish I had another gun or two in some of them.

As for the heated exchanges in which someone says X-caliber is better than Y-caliber, when either may be the ballistic twin of the other, I don't know. Perhaps, ego is somehow tied into some folks' choices and they see any new comer's claim of equivalence as some sort of indignity against them. I really don't know. It seems to me that no one is holding a gun to anyone and making them use X if they really prefer Y.

I'd say go with what one's individual preference is and not worry about the sometimes silly condemnations cast by some on sometimes ballistically-equal or at least similar calibers/loads.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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