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Larry, I personally carry a Browning High Power. My attachment for the BHP began when I was a teenager, and was re-inforced when I was in the Australian Army. However, I have carried a Colt 1911 model in the past, both whilst in uniform and during close protection because the principal required me to carry what was "familiar". The two things in favour of the Colt (and the BHP) are its robustness, and functionality. Most firearms professionals of my generation (50+) prefer single action/cocked and locked.

In the US, that meant 1911, full stop. Reportedly, there were no more than two BHPs in the USA until WWII. One was in the hands of the Browning family, and I believe Colt had the other one. Americans carried it for decades before (and during) the war introducing it to countries around the globe; Central & South Amerca and Asia in particular. Norway procured a significant number before WWII as well. No less an influence was the persona Hollywood gave it in the gangster movies of the '30s to the '50s seen by millions across the world.

With that, it has an almost cultish attraction for handgunners worldwide. Amongst American shooters, there is a little snobbery attachment as well.
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