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Hello Larry,

Heres my feelings towards The 1911, it's a very Classy Pistol thats nice and Thin & Alot more easy to carry & conceal than most all other Full Size autos, it feels great in the hand, simple operation, easy to disassemble & reassemble, many readily available professional pistol smiths that specialize in 1911's (easy to get one up & running), tons of readily available parts (factory & custom) as you mentioned, it's a Very Heavy Duty Pistol thats good for a mind boggling amount of firing, tons of readily available holsters in any fashion one can imagin, and so on, ect.

One other very important thing is, and some of the other members here will probally agree with me on is this, If you have ever been in a Real Scary Situation, one so Scary, that you thought for sure, You were gonna Have to do some Shooting, plus your Still not sure you will even live to tell about it, is when One will really come to See and Appreciate the Advantages of a Single Action Pistol such as The 1911.

Take Care,
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