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Whoa! Pricey!!! New Carry Ammo

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Hi All,

This carry ammo I have is starting to get a bit old... well, to the point I like to replace it anyway.

I went to my favorite gunshop which has really good prices on everything -- some things I think are actually underpriced.

Looked at some Bonded Golden Sabre 124gr +P... $21.00 for 20 of them!!! Whoa
I'm not going to pay over a buck a round.

Sooo... think they reversed the numbers by accident? Has anyone seen non-custom ammo this expensive for the 9mm?

I'm used to paying 21 bucks for 50 of them... or 12 bucks for 20, depending on how they came.

What do you pay?


Josh <><
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Wow, that is expensive. As you say, I've seen rifle rounds priced like that, and Glaser Safety Slugs, but not "normal" 9mm. Please keep us updated, Joshua. They will probably reprice it.
I wanted to try the Golden Saber .45 ACP stuff and almost died of heart failure at the $22 price tag. After I got home I found that they come packed 25 to the box, but it's still terribly pricey.

For my 9mm carry needs I invested a lot of money into a very good supply of everything I was going to use for carrying; this saved money initially, and since the price isn't likely to go down, I saved money down the line. I store extra carrying ammo in a humidity controlled environment, so I trust it to be good even a couple of years or more in the future.

PS: I try to buy ammo mail order. If you buy a lot of it, the savings are pretty significant, even considering shipping charges, which, on a large purchase, can be a good bit less than sales tax.
9mm 124 grain GDHP+P is available most places for $12-13 for 50 rnds. You really can't do better for ammo or price.

I have some Black Hills laying around. But... I've used GD before. I'm a bit of a connoisseur of different ammo.

I used the 147gr standard pressure Golden Saber when I started carrying -- then I tested it and wasn't overly impressed. It kept its jacket but only went through one, 1gal milk jug. I found it on the ground behind the jug.

I'd like to try these and see what type of ammo it is. But... I can't justify, at this point in my life, spending that type of money.

I do use a lot of carry ammo up btw. Critters infest the woods.

I'm still trying to get a good angle on a raccoon -- frontal shot -- so I can recover one of these EFMJ +P deals.

For those who would criticize, these are vermin that the state wants us to shoot. They also bring $10 - $15 bounty. Fur is shipped to Russia. Anyway, they'd be dead by a .22 to the head at any rate.

Josh <><
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Call me a low-rent sort of guy - but WW JHP in 115 gr for my Glock 19 at $ 10/box 50 from Wal-Mart does just fine for me

If I was going to shoot/carry premium rounds, it would be the GS but I would wince at the range everytime I pulled the trigger - and not from the recoil either at those prices.

As well, the WW JHP 230 gr in .45ACP is what I carry in my 1911 and thats about $ 18/box of 50 - USED to be around $ 15!

But both types have good reps on the 'Net as they seem to be some sort of bargain basement Silvertip.
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my dealer just received a shipment of fresh ammo and the price on any caliber has gone up as much as 20%. I think ammo prices are going even higher. Might be good to stock up now.
Nod - OG I think you are right! Fuel costs I bet are the likely culprit.

Only problem is - I bet you don't see prices drop in tandem with gas prices dropping.
Actually, I've seen the GS running high for awhile now. Fortunately I prefer GDHP, which is cheaper. The Remington is supposedly loaded in Mexico, don't know where Speer loads theirs. I haven't priced the bullets. It may be that they are simply more costly to manufacture than some others'. Shipping costs would affectall brands pretty much the same.
Call me a loser, if you want, but I use the stuff that's only a step or so above white box.

Silvertips by Winchester, and Federal's non-premium stuff both seem like they'll do just fine if I put the rounds on target, and they cost like thirty bucks for fifty of them.

When you're in college, and it comes down to a choice between ammo that will make you feel good for a lot of money, or something that will work, cheap, you tend to reach for the practical stuff.

I eat Malt-O-Meal cereal, too!

Nobody's gonna call you a loser.

I really like the Federal c9bp. It just doesn't shoot to point of aim in by pistol so I have to do the "Kentucky windage" thing. I used it once to dispatch a sick rabbit at about 7 yds or so. I shot, thought the rabbit ran, but went over anyway. It was laying on its side, dead. I donned protective gear and upon lifting it up, the guts fell out. Seems that the 115gr bullet expanded in a broadside shot on a rabbit and ripped the skin on the other side to produce a massive exit wound. I know rabbit skin isn't thick, but still...

Btw, if you want to go even cheaper, I'm given to understand that WWB HP is just Silvertip without the coating.

Done the college thing; I know what you mean. I like Malt-O-Meal better than name brand too :)

Josh <><
Really? Well, given that WB FMJ functions just fine in my Hi-Power without that coating, I think it might be time for a switch.

Also, I just found that Double-Tap's Gold dot .357s are cheaper than Silvertips. They're probably a good bit stiffer on the recoil end of things, though.

I might try them, anyway. I'm not that big a guy, (170 lbs.) but I work out every day, and I wear out a set of those grip-strength spring thingies every month or so, so I think I can probably handle them in a 30+ ounce gun. Definitely NOT going to be a regular practice load, though. Too much flame-cutting, regardless of comfort level.

Hehe... I wonder what kind of fireball a Double-Tap Gold Dot is going to throw out of a 2.5" barrel.
Double-Tap has all there 9mm carry ammo for like 22.50 a box of 50 which is not bad and people say the stuff is moving fast.

Seeing I just paid 19.25 a box of 50 for Hydra-shok going to DT ammo would be that much more alittle in shipping but there all loaded with gold dot bullets.
Josh, have you tried Hornady TAP-FPD? Midway USA has it in stock at $12.50 per 25 for 124-grain HPs. I want to try some in my Ruger P95, but I haven't found a local source yet. Locally all I can seem to find is Hydra-Shoks.

Winchester white box JHP's 115's 8.99 per 50 at Basspro minus 10% military. only way to fly in the 9mm. Other than that I'll reload XTP's. Then again I only use corbon powerballs for carry in my IDPA game gun a Commander 1911 9mm. Only because although it feeds ball and the powerball flawlessly I never could get it to allways shoot anyones hollowpoint. So I tried these and they worked.

I've not tried Hornaday since I had a failure to dispatch two coytes with five and eight shots, respectively, on various parts of the bodies. They were 50 yds/30yds (respectively) away and most landed in the lung area. I finished them off with a .22 to the head.

I switched to 125gr Cor
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