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When was my CZ made?

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I had a nice long post typed, then I managed to click the Google button instead of the post button. Grrrrrrr, I hate it when I do things like that.

My CZ is marked "AAL -- Phila., PA" on the front left of the slide, and the box is marked with "Action Arms Ltd." Paperwork inside the box says that Action Arms is the exclusive importer. The gun is a straight CZ 75. The friend I bought it from got it in the early 90s, I believe, serial number V233*

Let's see if I can do this right the second time around.
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Look at the small space above the extractor and you will find 2 stamped numbers. This is the date of manufacture, the last 2 digits of the date. thus, 01 is 2001 manufacture.

Hope this helps.
And all this time I thought that was another CZ logo. :) My buddy told me when he bought it, but I only knew that, not date of manufacture. He got it in the year of manufacture (1994).
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