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I'm trying to nail down what seems to be the best overall SD load in a short (3.5") barrel. Finding lots of info on the web, but most of it (that I can find, anyway) is several years old, and there is a LOT of conflicting stuff. I guess the first question is - taking into account the modern improvements in bullet design as to lower velocity expansion and penetration - is there really much difference in 124gr. standard, 124gr. +P, and 147gr. I did find, on the Firearms Tactical Briefs site from 1998 where they tested Gold Dots, and for short barrels, they recommended 124+P or 147.
I'd appreciate anyone's take on this.

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Hello. I generally go with barrels of at least 4" or greater, but here are some average velocities based on 10 shots fired about 10' from the chronograph screens:

Glock 26 w/3.46" bbl:

Corbon 115-gr. +P DPX: 1181 ft/sec

Winchester 127-gr. +P+: 1246 ft/sec

Corbon 125-gr. +P: 1188 ft/sec

SIG-Sauer P225 w/3.86" bbl:

Remington 115-gr. JHP +P: 1198 ft/sec

Corbon 115-gr. DPX +P: 1163 ft/sec

Corbon 115-gr. JHP +P: 1337 ft/sec

Remington 124-gr. Golden Saber +P: 1109 ft/sec

Winchester 127-gr. +P+: 1215 ft/sec

Remington 147-gr. Golden Saber: 942 ft/sec

Speer 147-gr. Gold Dot: 939 ft/sec

Of these loads, I'd go with Winchester 127-gr. +P+ followed by Corbon 115-gr. DPX +P. Though I don't have figures listed for these particular barrel lengths, I think that the Speer 124-gr. +P would also be a good choice. If going with a 147-gr, I'd probably go Winchester Ranger, Golden Saber, and then the Gold Dot.

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