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What Defines A Wildcat Cartridge?

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Hello All,

I'm still championing the .50GI round ( http://www.guncrafterindustries.com/ ) for a couple reasons. First, they've come out with defensive ammunition which is faster than when I last looked: It's faster in heavier bullet weights than any .45acp I've seen, but still very controllable from all accounts (google ".50GI ammuntion").

While I cannot hope to own one from the parent factory due to cost, the cartridge still seems like a good idea, especially if you don't know if you'll be attacked by man or beast.

Additionally, many believe that Taurus will be the salvation of this cartridge, if they do chamber it.

This is beginning to look like the 10mm deal: a relatively small group of vocal proponents who believe that the idea is a good one.

I was told that this thing was a wildcat cartridge however. I've always thought of wildcat cartridges as being those which are not commercially marketed and must be fired from custom chambered guns.

Am I wrong? What makes a wildcat cartridge gents?


Josh <><
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Hi Josh,

You are on the right track.

Simply put, a "wildcat" cartridge is a non commercial production/non factory loaded cartridge.

Several cartridges start their lives as the "invention" of reloader manipulating various components of the cartridge or "wild catting" them to a successful objective.

The .50 GI is a limited production factory cartridge even if it is only made by "one" company.

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