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This will be my inaugural post here; seems like a nice forum you guys have going.
I picked up this Webley Mark VI last month from an auction site. The bad news first: the finish is all gone with only patina, pits, and plenty of "character" remaining. The gun was made in 1917. The good news: it's still in .455 and hasn't been "shaved" for .45ACP, all numbers match, and the bore and chambers are perfect!
Good news Part II: it shoots like a dream. I took it out with some Hornady and Fiocchi 265 grain lead factory loads and just fell in love. I was shooting at a coffee can at twenty yards it was amazingly easy to get center hits with the old wheelgun. A very impressive shooting iron. I've been wanting one since I was a kid so now I'm one happy camper. Hope my pic posts OK. -Clyde

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Love those old Webleys. I had a MKIV in .38 S&W, great old gun. It was a bit out of time, so you had to help the cylinder line up, but once you did that giant front sight made center punching the target easy as could be. Sold her though, because ammo was expensive and I never shot her.

One of these days I'll get another Webley, maybe a MK VI in .455. I really think one could make a great carry piece with a 3 or 4 inch barrel and maybe round the butt. I would probably convert mine to .45 ACP though.

Great piece and welcome to our forums! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

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