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That's a great deal, Alan, congrats!

I keep on shooting .380 in mine, without problem till now, except a failure to fire on the first round (hand chambered) sometime. And keep the 9 police in reserve.




Fiocchi markets the 9x18 Ultra/Police over here; at least they list it on their website. So I'll stock up on at least several boxes.

The cartridge and case lengths are just a little greater than the .380 ACP (and neck diameter is only 0.001" different --- inconsequential) so I think I can use .380 reloading dies to load the cartridge.

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Hi all,

The Walther PP Super I wrote about one month ago has found a new home. It came per post service yesterday with 250 rounds 9 mm Police Hirtenberger ammo. I found some time - you bet! - to open the box and examine the little beast.

First the gun is not NIB, I was to enthusiastic by reading the add which said "very good condition" (in german). The dealer didn't cheat anyway, it is very little shot. The gun came in the original numbered plastic box, with 2 mags and the manual that the dealer finally found - he told me at first it was missing.

The finish is the high gloss found on the classic Walthers, without holster wear but a slight small faded place on the right side of the slide (I had a simillar fading when I ate a tomato sandwich over my SIG P230 and some juice dropped on it - fruits and blood are poison to finishes). The black plastic grips have a few dings. Inside the machining is rather rough, with some tools marks. It is similar to my 1973 .380 Ulm PP.

All in all I'm satisfied with the buy, the manual is a good surprise, the condition of the grips not really up to my expectations.

In the hand, the PP Super feels rather heavy (760 g. empty/825 g. full) but the steel frame is a good insurance in a pistol shooting at the limit of power for a blowback design. The grip is almost target quality, large for a compact pistol, it fills well the hand.

The sights are tall and thick, with the "i" pattern. Exactly what I like on the big P5 brother. The trigger is even better than the P5's: short and light pull in DA, almost no take-up and light in SA. The very best pull I ever experienced in a DA/SA! Walther's engineers did a very good job as they used the infamous classic Walther trigger system with a cocking piece of the heavy-triggered PP/K and P38 and not the enhanced direct system of the P5.

But there are no gratis deals in this world: the firing pin block works only in uncocked condition. When the hammer is cocked, the firing pin is in its upper - unblocked - position, which explains the fine SA pull. When you use the decocker lever on the slide - smooth and well positionned for the thumb due to the small size of the gun - the hammer drops on the firing pin blocked by the decocker. Scarring... but I take the trade.

Other points: the PP Super has a magazine button on the usual place behind the trigger. It is well protected by the thick grip panel. The magazine drops fully in the grip, which might be a problem in case of extraction difficulties. The decocking lever is not flush on the slide, it can hook in the garments in a quick draw. The slide stop lever is a great improvement over the PP design and even the P230/2, it is also well protected by the grip panel.

And I forgot to mention: my PP Super was made in 1977 ("HH" mark), 30 years!, and is an ex-Bavarian Police gun ("ByP" mark, for "Bayern Polizei", crossed with a "X").

That's all for the "dry" report. The range report will follow as soon as possible. You bet I'm excited!!!

Fun little Pistol! As to date, I have loaded and shot cut down 9 MM case, 38 Super Comp and 9 Mak cases sized in 9 mm dies with .355 bullets, In addition to factory 9 Ultra ammo. As long as the cases are trimmed to around 17.98/95mm they gun functions just fine. Using 9 mm cases shortened to 17.98-95, who cares if you cant find them all! Only takes a second on the trimmer to make more! What's neat, is Walther has parts still in stock for them! Don't be afraid to buy one of these Walther PP Supers thinking you wont be able to find ammo! 9 Mak cases NOT loaded ammo are the same Length as 9 Ultra and will fit in the Walther 9 Ultra, and you can make 9 Mak from 9 mm Cases, 9 mm can be used to make 9 Ultra cases provided the rims fit. You can even use .38 Comp. 9 MM cases shortened to 9 Ultra length. Five fired cartridges are left to right, 9 Mak sized in 9 MM Dies loaded with 4grs Unique and a 95gr JHP gr bullet. 3 Cases in the middle are .380 loaded with 4 grs Unique or WW 231 and 100 gr FMJ's. Right case is Factory 9 Ultra. All function and fire in my Walther PP Super. Red marked cases are all 9 MAk cases sized with 9 MM Dies and loaded with the same 4grs Unique and a 95gr JHP. You can see .380's bulge a bit above the extractor cut. PP Super is not extremely rare! Right now everything is back-ordered/out of stock but I had no problem getting 9 Ultra a couple month ago. I make my own cases for my 9 Super. Just tried .380's to see if they would work. Never had a ruptured case. Just go buy a Walther PP Super in 9 Ultra. If you weigh 9 MM cut cases and 9 Ultra cases vs .380, they weigh a lot more. They take way more pressure than .380's do. 9mm Police Has lots of good info on the cartridge. Dave Tillander makes grips for the Walther PP Supper.



9mm Police



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