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The Vector SP series are good pistols, often found in practical shooting circles here in SA.
Friend of mine has the SP1 in 9mm and then SP2 and SP2 SuperSport in .40.
The Supersport is a full house race gun , single action, compensator, scope rail, etc.

The gun is based on the Beretta 92/Vector Z88 with a frame mounted safety (for cocked and locked option) and a different grip configuration, it feels a lot thinner in the hand.
It has an enclosed slide that is the main difference from its daddy gun.
In 9mm the capacity is the same as the Z88, 15 rounds, and the SP2 holds 11.
They are front heavy and this allows good shooting in both calibers.

I hope people dont associate these good pistols with the CP1 disaster, they are totally different, the SP1&2 have good reputations down here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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