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Howdy folks,

I have just recently discovered my cable company has added two new channels to my lineup. For some reason they did this without any comment or advanced notice.

One is the military channel and I have discovered they often run several informative programs discussing both military weapons in general and programs detailing one specific weapon's development. They also have programs discussing the development of future weapons. The designation for it on my company's channel lineup is MLTRY. In addition to firearms programs, they also air segments on military battles, aircraft, ships, etc.

The second is discovery times, and it also airs several firearms related programs I have found interesting. It's designation for me is DTIME.

Just thought I would mention these two new additions my company added without any comment. I wish I had known they were available to me earlier. I simply stumbled into them both one day while surfing for something decent to watch.

Maybe your cable company has added them to your lineup and you have not discovered them yet. Or you can always ask them to add them to your lineup.

Enjoy them if you can.

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