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TulAmmo - Look what I Found

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First of all I would like to say this is my first thread and post at Handguns & Ammunition. Hello everyone.

Now, Just for the record I have only been shooting for about 3 years now. I just purchased some TulAmmo for the first time. I got a 100 round box of 9mm 115gr FMJ BrassMAXX. It is pretty dirty as many have said on the net, and I have shot 90 rounds of it so far with no issues. Looking at the last 10 rounds I noticed some powder in the box and then my eyes gazed on this beauty. Attachment Below.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this from factory ammo?


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I've never seen anything like that. Probably a good thing you saw it before loading. No telling what it would of done.
Is it the Brassmaxx made in Italy or the stuff that comes from the Balkans? I've had zero problems from the ammo made in Italy. Welcome to the forum.
I am glad i saw it too... my P226 could of had a bad day.
Its the stuff from the Balkans.
Try the Italian made BrassMaxx. Very good quality.
I haven't had any trouble with the Balkan/brass TulAmmo, but rounds like that were unfortunately too common with good old American-made AMerc ammo.
I also have some of the Italian Tula Brass Maxx. I'll be sure to INSPECT any and all Tula ammunition before loading in my magazines. All I need is the time to go shooting. Seems the man (my employer) wants me to work a gazillion hours of O.T. to keep the turbine turning.

Any way, you should inspect any and all ammunition before you shoot it. Thanks for the heads up.
I have gotten rounds like that in Winchester value packs.

From what I am seeing, sounds like we should all be more aware as we load any brand ammo for flaws.
Damaged cases like you found are not common but they are not un-heard of either... I have seen them over the years in most major brands... it is simply a matter of the bullet not being correctly aligned when being seated...

I've also found ammo with no primer and primers seated upside down...


I've done that to cases while reloading. Just didn't go into the seating die straight.
Thanks for the replies folks. Seems like this just happens sometimes and I was lucky enough to catch it and unlucky with this batch of rounds. Will be inspecting each round from now on.

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This is another reason why I don't use Russian ammo!
Well, you leave more for the rest of us.
If you read the thread, you would see that it mentions ammo from a number of countries, but Russia is not even discussed.
Use whatever ammo you want, but try to actually read a thread before you post some vague, negative comment.
I've never seen a damaged round in factory ammo, but since demand is up I'm sure a few will slip by now and then. Quality control seems to have slipped in general. Glad you caught it before you attempted to shoot it.
This coming weekend heading down to the farm in W.V. and do a little BHP & M1 Garand shooting (and visiting immediate family also). I'm curious also about this Turkish ammo. I have about 400 rounds about ready to be going down range. Pictures and amateur reporting to follow up.
Chamber tolerances being so tight im not convinced that round would have even chambered. But it sure makes a good case for reloading so you can controll quality.
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