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Tripp .45 ACP Upgrade Kits...

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Hello. I recently purchased 5 of Virgil Tripp's .45 ACP magazine upgrade kits. For $8.95 a pop you get the follower and spring. I put these in Wilson 8-rnd magazines I had. The Wilson's were feeding fine, but now and then I would not have the slide lock back in two guns used today. One of them never locked a slide back on any of my 1911's.

The pistols used were a Norinco 1911 that I had done a few things to as well as a Colt slide/Caspian frame/Kart bbl & bushing 1911 that gunsmith, Lou Williamson, did for me in the '80's. That gun shoots but had been a bit magazine sensitive with much other than FMJ.

I fired 591 rounds of handloaded Precision 200-gr. CSWC's that were loaded over 5.0-gr. Bullseye through both guns rotating magazines frequently. Average velocity for this load is around 860 ft/sec from most 5" guns. I also fired 24 rounds of handloaded 230-gr. Golden Sabers (6.3-gr. Unique) through each gun, using a different magazine for each of the 3 loadings. After chambering the top round (very slickly in both guns), I topped the magazine with another round. I fired 16 rounds of using the same bullet over 6.8-gr. Unique. The lighter load averages about 870 ft/sec from the Caspian/Colt and about 850 ft/sec from the Norinco. The heavier load is runs about 950 ft/sec.

These guns were used with the Tripp magazine internals in Wilson 8-rnd magazines.

In short, there were zero failures to feed, no premature slide-lock, and the slides locked to the rear on the last shot w/o fail. The last round fed fine from both guns when using the warmish handload; it did not move forward or such that it would get in front of the extractor claw.

I've tried these with a few other 1911 pistols and they worked fine. They do reduce capacity of 8-rnd magazines to 7, but magazines originally holding 7 rounds will still do so when using these parts.

So far I've only used these in Wilson magazines having the removable base. Installation is a snap. I did put one in my only problematic 7-rnd Randall magazine. It is an "old style" magazine similar to the Colt. It was a tad tricky getting the follower and spring in, but it works slickly and continues to hold 7-rnds.

I will try these in other "problem children" magazines I have and hope to have the results I experienced with the Wilsons.

So far I feel the money was well spent.


PS: Since this was written, I've tried the kits in several other magazines that were "iffy." Those magazines have worked perfectly in other 1911's as well. Today, I fired approximately 100 + rounds through a Dan Wesson Patriot using handloaded SWC's and 230-gr. Gold Dots. The upgrade kits were in an 8-rnd Mec-Gar, an 8-rnd McCormick PowerMag, and an ACT brand magazine. Zero problems of any kind. I've also visited with Mr. Tripp. Sadly, it's my understanding that these followers won't be available in .38 Super.
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