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Torture testing

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I took two Hi Powers out to the range this afternoon in order to shoot a lot and shoot fast. The tricked out satin nickel carrying gun didn't hiccup a single time in eight full magazines of hot 115-grain jacketed reloads, but a 20-round magazine full of 115 Ranier hollow points caused three failures within the first six or seven rounds. I moved the Raniers over to the blued Belgian, and it fed and fired 50 fast rounds without a glitch. Both guns handled NATO ball (124gr @ > 1,200fps) just fine, and of course the carrying gun really likes 125-grain Cor Bons.

Okay, so that was fun. One objective was to finish off a bunch of the reloads, but I didn't want to be loading magazines out in the sun--now I'll have to go back later in the week. Oh, darn.

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By the way:

It's scary how hot these things can get. The silver gun got so hot that the Hogue monogrip was uncomfortably warm.
I once made the mistake of letting my barrel brush across my forearm after expending a combat load - that was rather unpleasent! My .45 gets pretty toasty too if I put enough rounds in a short time through it.

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