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Thrifty ammo

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I commend Mastercast Bullet Company (www.mastercast.net) for their reloaded ammunition and prompt service. Last November, I sent them a thousand .38 special hulls for reloading with 158gr LSWC range loads @ $4.80/fifty rounds plus shipping. They loaded them the day they received them, and had them on the UPS truck the next day! Having fired most of them, I sent another thousand hulls for the same reload at the same price late last week. I got a call this morning from Mastercast, stating that they had been reloaded and were on their way to me. As a frustrated former customer of another reloading company, who often took months to do the job, I really appreciate this service. And the ammunition functioned perfectly. It's a bit smoky and dirty, but at the price . . .

Incidentally, my local post office put me on to something. If I send my brass priority mail, I save a bundle! Eight bucks and change versus $22 the normal way! Go figure!

Cordially, Jack
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Mr. Jaydubya,

I think it is always great to hear from fellow members about good companies to deal with. So thanks for sharing your experiences with us sir.

I think it is good to hear about problems we might have with a vendor. But not enough of us take the trouble to praise a vendor when they go above and beyond. I enjoy reading those comments even more.

The USPS priority is a great deal. I normally buy large amounts of brass and bullets from Midway, whenever they are running their free freight offers. In reality I am paying $9.95 included in the purchase price, for USPS to deliver it instead of a much higher rate for a different uniform. At what it would have cost me to have them ship it via UPS or FedEx, it basically is free freight ;) .

Everybody is happy, well maybe not the mail carrier when some of those 40 and 50 pound boxes show up addressed to me

Again, thanks for sharing your positive experiences with us.

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I don't reload so my question may be off...do you have to clean out the hulls before you send them in for reloading?
Nope! After I return from the range, I dump the empty cases into a plastic bag. I keep doing that until I have 500 to a bag, and then start another. When I get two bagsful, I send them off.

Years ago I handloaded, but my wife got tired of all the spent primers and spilled powder on the garage floor. At these prices, don't need to do it anymore.

Cordially, Jack
Once again, I commend Mastercast Bullet Company (www.mastercast.net) for their quality .38 sp. 158 gr SWC reloads, as well as their prompt service. I sent off a thousand spent cases last week (Priority Mail is the cheapest way to do it! Go figure), and received notification yesterday that my reloads were enroute to me. This my third order with this company, and I am a very satisfied customer.
Cordially, Jaydubya
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