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It never ceases to amaze that sometimes good values can be had for less money. After reviewing some of the current threads on the this forum, I wanted to find out how many of us had purchased a "keeper" semi-auto without spending a lot of money on the top manufacturers, i.e. colt, browning, springfield, glock, ruger, smith and wesson.
My own aquisition of FEG HP clone, the PJK 9 HP, is a perfect example. After years of owning colts, smiths and rugers, I realized that I had never owned a HP style pistol. I had owned literally 5 colt 1911's, 2 springfield 1911's and a signifcant number of other semi-autos including smiths, glocks, and rugers. (most were traded or sold to pursue other interests and changing priorities).
One day while visiting a local gunstore, the PJK 9 HP that had been sitting on the lower shelf of the display case finally had gotten my curiousity with the question of whats wrong with that pistol. Asking the clerk to allow me to see it, I was awestruck by the blueing (deep with a high polish) and the tightness of the slide to frame fit (no lateral or vertical movement).
I took the plunge, and put my money down and left with a handgun that I could only guess that would perform adequately at the range.
To my suprise, the first range session left me incredulous as to how well I could actually shoot. I had never shot a semi-auto as well as I did with the FEG. At the Point of Aim at 15 yards, I was getting better groups off hand than I could get with my Colt Combat Target.
With a little kitchen table 'smithing, i.e. mag disconnect out and butler creek grips (spegal budget grips), I can't wait to see how much better I can shoot with my budget HP.

the best sleeper i have bought is a sig p232 .380 stainless with night sight it sat in the gun case for a year before i liberated it :)i never had 1 before but i liked the feel of it and i carry it as a back up time to [email protected] yds it will group 3/4 of in. . my 12 yr old daughter likes it also :)
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