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Hello. Over the years I've had several handguns customized to one degree or another. In the early '70's, I sometimes wound up with about every possible modification I could think of (or that was available at the time) on the gun in question (usually a Hi Power or Colt Series 70 Mk IV). I have exactly zero of those left.

Seems that I pretty much wind up using those that have what I feel I need (good trigger, sights, reliability, and comfort) over those that were made to have everything possible.

I do wish I'd had a few more checkered or stippled as I do prefer other than a smooth grip strap, but do the anti-skid or skateboard tape thing and am satisfied.

If a gun "works" for me out of the box w/o any attention at all, that's fine, too. In the past I'd have probably wanted it "personalized" in some fashion...whether it needed it or not.

It's been pretty much the same for me with revolvers. Lately I've been shooting the fire out of a stock GP100 short-shroud w/3" bbl. In the distant past I'd have been trying to figure out what to change. These days I just sort of have to squint harder to see the sights.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Hi there Mr. Camp,

Yes indeed, I believe many of us have gone down the customization road in our search for the best handgun. I built two 1911's finally and called it quits. I sold both of them and recouped exactly what I had invested in them.

Now I am pretty satisfied that I can find just about anything I want in a particular caliber/model/action type as firearm's manufacturers have evolved into a very consumer friendly/responsive industry over the years. Personally, I just don't see the need anymore for the customization for any of my guns.

The only exception to the handguns that I have kept is to change the grips into something more comfortable for my hand size and finger length. "Grips on the single-six too small-- put on Pachmeyers". "Don't like the grips on the FEG PJK 9 HP--switch to Butler Creeks". The only modification of late I have made to any firearm is to remove the magazine safety from my FEG and install a C & S extra power return spring.

The majority of the guns I've kept are the ones I use on a regular basis and with confidence, i.e. my colt combat target, glock 23 and ect.

As far as my eye sight, I visited the optometrist last month for an exam and eye glass fitting. When I told him about the difficulty of see my hand gun sights vs. the target, he laughed and said "get used to it-you are getting older". I'm 30 days shy of 50.

Anon. I guess I will...

Thank you,


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Oh how I've customized the Taurus...

Target guide rod with frame buffer

Polished the feed ramp and chamber

Skateboard tape on the frontstrap

Trigger job courtesy of 10k+ rounds

Hogue stock panels (sticky things, love 'em! Hate the wrap-around things though)

But.... I'm goood with the sights for right now. I was looking, at one time, for hi-viz sights of some sort. At 27 however, I can still focus on the military type sights and appreciate the pinpoint accuracy they give me. I did use pencil lead to dull out the rear dots however.

This is the only pistol that I've owned that has received any work, and the mods ar for functionality/longevity/ergonomics only.

I don't believe in all the bells and whistles, and if I do something in my tinkering which hurts reliability, it is immediately undone.

My Smith 19 was stock except for a set of Hogue panels, the Hi-Point was stock ::) , the .22 backup was stock, and the Ruger convertable Super Single Six was stock.

What can I say? If it ain't broke... funny, I'm not like that with my vehicles...

Josh <><
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