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the best browning !!

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i read mr.camps on the best browning to buy. still not for sure on that 1 ? what do you guys think if you had the money for the best. what browning would you buy the new browning or the old. casting or steal ? lets poll it everyone vote!!
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I would go with a current production Mark III. I like the FN roll stamp of their logo, so I'd choose it over the BAC since that is the only difference (other than possibly price).

If I was going to customise one, I'd look for a good used Mark III. I wouldn't concern myself with whether it was cast or forged. I honestly don't think it will matter for one iota.
Hi, I have two cast browning Hi Powers in blue with the wood grips, standard MK111. One of them is fixed sight and the other is the newer ajustable sight. Both have been shot a lot and have worked without a malfunction for over 5000 rounds each. The tiggers have become better with age, or I am just getting used to them. I have done nothing but break them in carefully. Change the recoil spring to the 18.5lbs and clean them after each time I go to the range. I do use only MiliTec oil and grease. Well worth the money.
I picked up a *nice* Israeli FN Mk. III a few years ago (cast frame, produced in 1996) and while I can't shoot it as well as a good 1911 I like it a lot. As Mr. Camp says any Mk II or III is a good pistol. They both have good usable thumb safeties and sights. The only changes I made to mine were to put on a C&S safety (the Israelis' Mk IIIs had the old style) and Spegel Delrin stocks.

The BHP is a good enough pistol to where I would just haul off and get a new current production one if necessary; they are well made and I would never consider selling it. No regrets and many years of pleasure.

Not too many things around that can make that statement.
Hello Bat Guano! Does your Mk III not have the firing pin safety? I'd seen some of the Israeli contract pistols and as you note, they came with the small safety and were minus the internal firing pin safety commonly seen in the Mk III's sold in this country. (I believe the actual term is Mk IIIS.)

Both my Israeli Contract HPs (forged and cast) came w/o the FP safety. I saw one post somewhere that said that explained why some came through with miss-matched Serial #'s. FN shipped some to Israel with the safeties and they were returned and rebuilt with new slides. Not sure of the truth of that, but interesting none-the-less.
I'm happy with my two MKIIIs, a forged 9mm bought used & a cast .40 bought new. But I need to buy more samples for long term testing.. ;)
This isn't the best photo, but the pistols are great!!
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But I need to buy more samples for long term testing.. ;)
Any excuse will do

Press on,
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If you can find one I would opt for the MKII. Mine shoots a little better than my Mk IIIs. Regards, Richard:D
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