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Like Mr. Camp had metioned with the Remington .357 SWC going through tissue that the wound was small. Again, my only experience with this load it expanded on bone, but the entrance hole is much like he described. However, I love the design for basically all purposes. One day on a rabbit hunt near Hillsboro, Tx I was armed with a Remington Nylon 66 .22 LR rifle. My load was the Reminton Viper 36gr. Truncated Cone solid bullet. And man, those things worked well and the wounds were very pronounced to basically caliber size. The metplat is flat and sharp on the edges. The shoulders are also pronounced and flat. MUCH unlike the Remington SWC. The Remington would punch caliber size holes in paper but not in flesh. So, I then began to look for a handgun bullet to do the same. After checking all the other manufacturers I stumbled upon the Ultramax reloaded .38 SWC rounds. They are the truncated version. The metplat is flat with very sharp edges, and the shoulder is very sharp as well. These things put caliber size holes not only in paper but also in tissue. I've used them on small game and the holes were still caliber size. I was very impressed. From cottontails, possums, to armadillos the wounds remained caliber size. Just wondered if anyone else ever noticed the differences in different versions of the SWC bullet.
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