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Hello. This evening, I waited til it cooled down and went shooting. It was just way too hot for me earlier so I laid around like a salamander til early evening.

I shot quite a few .357 magnum handloads through my GP100 as well as some Remington 130-gr. .38 Specials I had laying around. Just before leaving and right at dark, I fired a cylinder-full of the Remington .38's and got quite a noticeable amount of muzzle flash; not blinding or anything near it, but considerably more than with full-house Winchester 145-gr. .357 STHP's that were fired just after.

Does anyone know if Winchester is using flash-retardant powder now? I was under the impression that they were not....but could be wrong.

Thank you for your help.


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I've found most of the FMJ 'promo' loads in .38 to have a sizeable flash.

PMC especially is bright orange in broad daylight.

It may be more of a relative thing, where the same old Silvertips look mundane next to the .38.


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