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surplus 9mm para ammo

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This stuff is quite cheap but the description leaves me to wonder whether it is even worth it. Anyone bought any of this stuff?

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"Will it shoot? Maybe."

Sound real comforting don't it ???
Also I am looking at the Swedish Norma stuff at SGI:


And at this stuff from the UAE:

I would trust the Norma, as they've made good quality ammo for many years. And I would expect that pressures would be safe in guns such as the Beretta, CZ75, and Browning. I'm actually carrying a couple of spare magazines of Winchester NATO ammo, but it's a wee bit hotter than the Norma. My primary concern with the Winchester would be frame battering, as I've fired quite a bit of it and have seen no signs of particularly high pressure. I purchased this ammo from Natchez.

Avoid the Olympic brand stuff that claims to be "NATO" in origin. I bought a case of it from the Sportsman's Guide and got several perforated primers, along with feeding problems in my beefed up Hi Power. The CZ75 handled it just fine, however.
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I fired 2 boxes of the Abu Dhabi 124s and they were pretty good.
Thanks to those who responded.

I bought some Win NATO from AIM but haven't fired it. I mistakenly purchased some Swedish 9mm practice ammo from CENTURY ARMS but am returning it to buy some of the UAE stuff.

I've also bought some 9mm Hirtenburger from SOG but have heard that it was made for subguns and is too strong for most handguns. What do you folks know about this?
There was some British surplus a while back that was Hirtenberg contract proof ammo. You can ID it by the headstamp. I don't recall what it was, you'll have to search.
...this whole cheap ammo thing...is a mystery to me !!! WHY buy a nice weapon...and run junk threw it ? Shoot what you carry....if you make bad, or questionable choices, you pay again in bad consequences !!! PAX
Cheap ammo does not equal junk ammo. Unless you're wealthy, a lot of shooting for fun or practice can add up to a heafty chunk of change after a while. Bad ammo is bad ammo, whether cheap or expensive. Why spend lots of money when there really is no need. Cheap ammo DOES equal more shooting.
...sure, if your shooting to just make noise, or have fun, then buy anything, cheep, junk...what ever...or buy a whistle and stay home...if your shooting to develope your skill...then best shoot, what your planning to use. Is it cheeper to shoot something that prints different then your carry ammo...or is it cheeper to shoot ammo that helps to improve your skill...your choice. If your focus becomes a matter of dollars and cents, only.... and not end result improvements..then have fun, and shoot what you wish.
So you think the difference in recoil and point-of-impact between "cheap" ammo and "premium" ammo is so great that you need to spend up to twice the amount to preserve your marksmanship skills??? Me and my whistle will spend lots more time at the range, doing serious and relevant practice, because I don't waste my money on ammo that performs no better than less expensive ammo.
Not trying to be too offensive, but..."a fool and his money are soon parted".
TWEEEEEEET. Gotta go. My whistle wants to go to the range again.
shoot what you wish, do as you choose...cool with me, consider though...if there is a DIFFERENCE, ANY DIFFERENCE between your carry loads, and your play time loads, how does this "preserve your markmanship skills ?"... not trying to be offensive either... but in a fair exchange, your hot air works well with your whistle. Guess the difference is...ones focus... To improve, you should keep all variables / differences to the minimum.. and grow from there... know the value of where and how to spend your time, and your money.
I'd have to disagree with you to a point, Pax. Very few people can afford to build and maintain skill using what we would consider "carry" ammo. I like to shoot at least 100 rounds a week with whatever gun I'm carrying, which would work out to about $50 with my carry ammo. It's just [not] possible for me to spend $200 a month on ammo.

Marksmanship is about not only hitting the target, but about doing so consistently. If I fire 100 rounds of $4.00 a box Blazers at a target and put 90% of them into a three-inch area, that's pretty consistent. If the point of impact is two or three inches low, so what? I'm doing all the right things, including trigger control and breathing, and sight picture must be pretty consistent as well.

After learning to maintain that three-inch group. it's now time to put it on target, which is why my guns are all sighted in with my carry ammuntion, not with the everyday stuff. It's imperative to practice sometimes with the expensive carrying ammunition, but I don't see any reason why practice sessions should revolve around nothing but the default ammo. Any practice is good practice if it teaches me something or further hones a skill.

All that having been said, I have a short list of ammunition I'll shoot in practice. It's a list I've developed through mostly trial and error, and while it's not carved in stone, it's very firm in my mind.
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Forgive me, Sensei, I bow to your superior wisdom. I, along with most shooters, will continue to practice by shooting as much as possible, with ammo I can afford. Practice and repetition are what make an effective combat shooter. Grip, trigger control, target aquisition all improve over time. Cost-effective ammo gives you more range time. Ninjas may need the accuracy to pick which eye or heart ventricle to hit, but I'm happy with lots and lots of COM hits. My "premium" carry ammo gets cycled through at regular intervals, and guess what...at 5 to 25 yards it does exactly what my "cheap" ammo does! The pistol does not make the shooter, neither does the ammo. Once again, cheap does not equal junk.
I'm done.
jonnyc....your most welcome grasshopper. Leland... cost is always a factor, but in my eyes, should not be the driving force of choice...if something works for you, then go with, what might work for you, and your comfort levels, might not be right for someone else . Personally I try to keep things with as few questionable variables as possible... and as always, most all advice is as cheap as cheap whistles.
Leland, you are a true Sensei (no sarcasm this time).

Please keep it civil. There are a couple borderline posts there. Do we really want to start a feud and bad feelings?

I really don't understand this as I "know" each of you and you're all good people.

Let's stay friends. I'll be forced by the rules to lock the thread otherwise.

Thank you, and please continue civilly.

Josh <><
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I have shot the Norma 9mm ammunition. It is accurate and very clean. I experienced no problems using it.
Mine was good stuff...

I reload to duplicate my carry ammo. At 6 cents a round, reload, I can shoot a lot more than if I just practiced with carry load. One good thing about reloading. I also find that some time spent with my Ruger Mark II helps me "refocus" on the basics, and .22 longrifles are very cheap, money wise.
Beware of the surplus Gold Dot "Navy SEAL" ammo you see being offered online. Oh, it's genuine, Gold Dot 124gr marked "SOC" and it's water resistent, but let me tell you, whatever they coat it with to make it water resistent will gum up your pistol quicker than you can wink an eye if you try to use it for range ammo for any extended shooting sessions.
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