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Another thread questioned whether CDNN was liquidating the Steyr.
I'd say that is correct. As pointed out CDNN liquidates a lot of guns that "didn't make it". The new Steyr seems to be one of those.
Steyr has not had good luck as a handgun manufacturer lately. Anyone remember the Steyr GB series? 18 rounds of 9mm and a bit unconventional looking...just didn't catch on. Should have bought a bunch and left them NIB!

Apparently they lost their stateside distributor and then ran into a contest with the feds. As I understand it the feds didn't want them selling weapons to Iran, Steyr said fine, let us sell our Austrian-made guns in the US, the feds said no, so Steyr said in that case we'll sell them to the Iranians who are good customers, so now they're banned from import.

I have an S-9, a compact 9mm that holds 14+1, a lot like a Glock but much better grip size (smaller) and it has a real mechanical safety. I really like it and intend to hang onto it.
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