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Steyr-Hahn 1912

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I've had one of these ugly beasts stuck away in the closet since around 1975. . .I think I paid $125 for it at the time. It's a Nazi proofed 9mm parabellum conversion from an original 1917 production model. Haven't shot it much, but seems quite reliable.

Anyway, just got through field stripping it for the first time in probably 20 years. I was pretty impressed with the internal machining of the slide and frame: Seems comparable to the Sig P210.

Never fired it on a rest to test for accuracy. Slide / frame tolerances are very close, but there is play between the barrel and slide.

Anywho. . .just wondered if anyone else out there had one of these. I'd be interested to get any accuracy results ( I couldn't find anything on the net ). Feel is horrible, and this certainly does not contribute to accuracy.

How about in original 9mm Steyr? Anyone have one of these? I'd be interested in any range reports.


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I've owned both calibers . 25 yd accuracy averaged 4" - 5" . Adequate .

As these are approaching 100yrs in age , caution is advised .

Your Nazi pistol is worth in the neighborhood of $750 .
Thanks, Mitch:

The price you named was about the average I was coming up with too.

Not too worried about firing it on occassion: It's in fine shape; good bore. . .no pitting, etc. Of course, would stay with non-"P" loads.

As to accuracy, the most accurate pistol I ever owned ( Outside of my Ruger Single Six. . .that thing would shoot the eye out of a gnat at 50 feet ) was my 1912 Erfurt Luger. Never a bench rest or range kinda guy, prefering the field, that Luger nontheless would make one ragged hole consistently at pistol ranges. I sold it to a good friend on the proviso that if he ever wanted to resell it, I'd get first shot. I used that money to buy my first Hi-Power 30 years ago. Never sorry I did it, and I love both of my the Hi-Powers I own. They shoot well, too, but not as well as that Luger. If ever I were to trust my life to a pistol, that would've been the one.

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