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Stephen just added his 9mm ammo update to the BHP section of High-Powers and Handguns. As always, Stephen's opinions and recommendations are well thought out and based on his experience, testing, and research.
Thanks for the updates and new data Stephen!
Many of us, self included, have sought the Nirvana of ammo for years. Something that will make bad guys topple or disappear in a flash of smoke and flame. All this while penetrating "just enough" and not "over penetrating". As good as ammunition is today there are too many other variables that affect the terminal ballistics of the round.
Then, of course we consider the effect of such ammo on our beloved Hi-Powers.
Frankly, I tend to be a bit ammo "shy" in my 9mm Hi-power. This due to the cost of the weapon and my desire for longevity. In 9mm I'm going to back away from the +P+ ammo and return to standard pressure ammo. Like Stephen, the real difference for us may be in bullet placement and the use of sound tactics.
Should I want to hot rod the 9mm for self-defense obtaining a MK III Hi-Power would be a priority.
Those wishing more "stopping power" might look to the slightly heavier BHP in .40 S&W. Particularly, when used with the Cor-Bon 135 gr. JHP load. This clocked 1,389 FPS FPS from my MK III and 1,376 from my CZ-75. To date I can find no documented shootings with this round. Probably, because it's too expensive for most (all?) agencies to issue it. Still, it manifests all the characteristics we deem necessary for the 9mm AND does it with a slightly heavier bullet with a larger cross section.
What do we do? We are still faced with the dilemma of ammo selection and performance. I would suggest the following and am pretty sure Stephen would agree.
1. Carry the ammo you believe to be best suited to your needs. For most this may be standard pressure loads given the "frontal" nature of non-LE altercations. Again, your choice.
2. Commit to a training regimen of some type. Remember, basics can be taught and practiced without shooting. In fact that may be better, initially, and as a training "place holder".
3. Commit to a survival mind set. Paranoia is not needed, but a "cautious" approach to a daily life is most recommended.

These are only my recommendations. The beauty of this is we have choice. Make sure you make a wise one.

Semper Fi,

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