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lucked into a outstanding deal with my new used BHP buy. received 20 9m/m mags of variours manufacture,and 30 1911 usgi mags also as part of deal.
want to test fire all mags,and am thinking of useing Wolf ammo for this ,as it is cheep.
any reason not to use this ammo,as I'm only wanting to check mag feeding 1 mag slow fire,1 mag rapid fire,no problems, mag ok is the way I test--any better way?

thank you for your time

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Hi Emmie,

As long as the ammo is the same spec as regular cased ammo I see no reason it wouldn't feed the same.

I've heard about extractor issues on steel cases however and am very wary of the stuff.

For the 9mm you might consider Winchester White Box. Around here it's only a little over $10/100.

Josh <><
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