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Star semi-auto parts

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I am just new to the board, have been using handguns and rifles for the last 50 years or so and have a modest collection of weapons, shoot regularly to keep my eye up and possess a concealed carry permit from the state of Florida.

I recently acquired a beautiful little Star BM 9 mm semi auto, and have been searching for spare parts for it. As you well know parts are tough to find, I would even like to acquire another Star if for no other reason than to cannibalize it or just have it around for parts.

If anyone can give an assist here, it would be greatly appreciated. I love the Star and carry it daily when on the job. Fortunately I have never ever had to use a weapon in self defense and would hope to continue that for the rest of my days.

Thanks to everyone...
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Hi there,

The best source for spare extractors and firing pins is www.egunparts.com also known as Numrich Arms or Gun Parts Corporation.

I have purchased two Star BM's in the past 6 months and this seems like the source of the usual to break parts. They also have a supply of beautiful walnut grips.

SOG is selling Star BM's for $139
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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