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Star BM on the Way

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Well, Christmas is coming and I've been looking over the SOG flyer to see what new shooter I need to add to my collection.
After reading Mr. Camps online article about Star Pistols, I decided that a "handpicked" Star BM would be an excellent collection piece for a shooter.
I don't know if anyone has ordered one recently and wanted to ask if what their opinions were? I also understand that the firing pin is an inertia one and the gun should not be dry fired?
In any event, I am very happy with my decision and I hope that the condition will be better than the always stated "good to very good" in the flyer. In my opinion, that is a broad range. Also, are holsters widely available for the Star BM?


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Hello. Holsters specifically for the Star Model BM are far and few between...in fact I've never seen one from an American holster maker, but some generic holsters will "work" with the gun. I've had best luck with belt slide type holsters.

The Star Model BM's I've owned and seen all had inertial pins.

It does seem that some do not, however. Too many are reporting that when the rear of the firing pin is flush with the frame, the tip of the pin protrudes from the breech face.

With respect to the inertia firing pin, what is considered excessive to break it? Is this a part that I should consider keeping on hand due to possible future breakage?
The only other firearm I own with an inertia firing pin is my beretta 21 A and I never dry fire it because it is a rimfire firearm.


Hello. I've met folks who've regularly dry-fired their older Stars and reported no problems and have seen a couple of them (Model B and BM's) that broke after perhaps a couple of hundred dry fires. The problem stems from the notched firing pin hitting the steel retaining pin that runs vertically in the slide beneath the rear sight.


I have an old Star B (made in 1943!), whose firing pin protrudes in the chamber when the hammer is down. I wouldn't carry such a piece hammer down on a cartridge! But the safety is very safe as it acts directly on the hammer and can be engaged in half and full cock.
By the way, I feel there are much better choices over there for carry than a Star. With its soft steel, mine is just a nice collector - it belongs to a batch that was sent to Bulgaria during WWII for use against Russia.


Hi there,

My Star BM arrived yesterday and I went to pick it up from the local gunshop. :) I am very impressed with the solidness of the gun and it is much thinner in profile than a colt commander and it fits my hand much like the FEG PJK 9 HP without the thickness of the grip. As an added bonus, no grip safety.
The trigger pull is light and in spite of my earlier concerns does have a firing pin spring mounted inside of the slide.
For those interested, the little gun did require some cleaning up and had been in storage for awhile. The importer was Century Arms, International.
I believe the production date was 1979 as there is 79 stamped on the trigger guard just below the dust cover of the frame on the right hand side. Can anyone confirm that is the correct date?
The star came packed in a green plastic factory box with instructions written in Spanish. I can get my wife to translate them as Spanish is her primary language after I try to explain to her why I purchased the Star. ::)
Well, she's been after me to learn the language anyway...

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Three points. I consider the BM a great bargain at $129.00, Milt Sparks Mirage belt slide for a 1911 works well, and lastly Hakan Pek makes great grips for it. Regards, Richard:D
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Thank you for the picture. I have been cleaning mine up and trying to figure out what holster to buy for the BM.

The one you pictured has given me some ideas on what to do with the Star.

I am heading down to the range today and will be looking for a belt slide for the BM. I hope that any holster fitted for a Colt Commander will do the trick.

How does your BM shoot? I need to regulate the rear site on mine. It is pushed over to the left. There are no marks on it and it may have be regulated that way at the factory.


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My BM shoots to point of aim at 10 yards and that is fine with me. I imagine I get medium orange sized groups using a modified Weaver stance. Regards, Richard:D
Thanks Richard,

By the way, the front sight is buggered up on mine a little. ::) Did you have yours replaced when it was refinished and if so, is it a stake on sight?
I imagine that my BM will shoot better than I can...

My front sight hasn't been mucked with. Regards, Richard:D
Thank you Richard.

I have posted a new thread on pistolsmithing side to see if I can fix the problem with my front sight.

I also purchased a Triple K Concealer 111 belt slide holster based on your suggestion for my Star at the shooting range yesterday when I took it for first range session. It does shoot point of aim at 15 yards and does cover a group about the size of a large orange.

I also ordered some Walnut Grips from Gun Parts, Corp to replace the rough plastic grips.

Merry Christmas,

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Hi Chris
I'd appreciate your comments on those walnut grips you ordered. I have a Star BM and would like to change the grips. I dislike buying things sight unseen and I would value your opinion of them. Thanks!
Hi Dragon,

I will let you know how the grips look and hopefully will try to post a picture of them. :)

I should have them by this weekend. Some posts on other web sites indicate that they may to be finished with tru oil.

Hello all,

Here is a picture of my newly rehabilitated Star BM with the walnut grips added from Gun Parts Corporation.

I like the figure of the wood.


This is my first picture posting...so please bear with me.
Many thanks to Josh for his patience and help.

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If these are the grips I didn't care for them. I sent them along with the factory plastic grips to Hakan to use to make his line. If the grips you ordered are the same as the ones below let me know how you like them. Regards, Richard:D

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Hello Richard,

I do not know if they are the same grips. Mine were purchased from Gun Parts, Corporation and I tru oiled mine before installing them on the Star.
The checkering on the grips is sharp and they are thinner than the plastic grips that originally came on the pistol.
I wore this pistol all day the other day (instead of my Glock 23) and had no problems with the new grips "grabbing" my coat.
They feel very comfortable to my hand shape and size and do not "slip" when I draw the gun from its holster.

I have 2 BMs and a couple boxes of spare parts to keep them running in case anything ever breaks (nothing yet). I really believe it to be one of the most size effecient 9mms available. Accurate enough for self defense and easy to tote. Yhis from someone who is in love with his 1911s (got my first when I was 12).
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