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Standard vs +P Golden Sabers

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Remington, for whatever reason, makes the Golden Saber, at least in 9mm, in both standard and +P loadings. I like the standard, for the faster follow-ups. Many would say there's no difference, but I can really tell, as the lower speed reduces muzzle flip, quite a bit.

I'm not really clear on how the lower speed would effect expansion vs. penetration, but that's not what factors in to my decision the most, anyway. I'm someone who is comfy with +P .38,* from a 2.5" tube, and I figure that even the standard pressure 9mm from a 4.7" barrel has to be more effective than that.

Also, they shoot to point of aim for me, which is always a huge plus, and I've never had one choke my CZ, despite their admittedly brutal ogive profile and OAL.

*Also golden sabers -- I'm a big fan of the bullet design, after some of my own expansion/penetration testing, but the .357s I tried were*HOT,* and I didn't want to subject a K-frame to them. What's more, they're less expensive. I will admit that I've seen a poorly-seated primer on a Golden Saber, before, though, so I hand-inspect each of my carry rounds, immediately after, or if possible, before buying them.
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thank you, chubbypigeon, for posting this interesting topic. I was not even aware that the GoldenSabr was available in both std. and +p in 9mm until you posted this. I bet many others weren't aware of it either. I looked in my ammo pile to see what I had and it is the standard pressure, so I voted std.
Remington's ballistic data shows a very small difference, 1125fps for std. and 1180fps for +p. I don't have a comparison to say if +p is any better. But in the wetpack tests I've done with the std. GS, it expands and penetrates with excellent results. And that was with a shorter barrel Kahr pistol. Checking Stephen's pages, I didn't see any tests he made with GoldenSabr 9mm, perhaps he can comment further.
I have no clue why Remington would make both rounds since velocity is nearly the same.
Checking Sportsman'sGuide (one of our sponsors that I recommend and use), the price difference wasn't that much. But like chubby says, the std. GS shoots better for him.

Hope the 9mm fans here will shed more light on this topic.

thanks again, chubby


(Rem also makes std. & +p GS in 185gr .45acp, I found out, but let's keep this topic on 9mm. thanks!)
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