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I treated myself to a new pistol a couple of weeks ago. A Springfield XD-9. I see a couple of people reporting on the new XD-45 so maybe the 9 is sort of old hat, but I thought I'd tell you my impressions for what they're worth.

I've got about 350 rounds through it at this point, and haven't had a single malfunction. That is with Rem-UMC, 115 gr FMJ, WWB 147 Gr JHP, a few Rem-umc 115 gr JHP, and the most accurate of all Blazer Brass 115 gr fmj.

I have found the Blazer Brass to be the most accurate ammo in all three of my 9mm's. (Kel-Tec p-11, Hi-Point C-9, and now the XD.) The Rem-UMC ammo seemed to shoot low for some reason. (higher velocity or maybe just old eyes?) The WWB, and the Blazer shot right to point of aim, with the Blazer giving me a few 2" groups offhand at 7 yards, as long as I did my part.

I like the way the gun feels in my hand, and at least to me the trigger feels pretty good, at least by my standards. Recoil was about what I expected for a full sized 9mm. Not as bad as my Kel-Tec, but the P-11 is a very light 9mm.

So far I impressed with this one.

I had the XD40 two times before I had the XD45ACP. I had one that was kind of a spare I traded into. I traded that one off for the .45 but I kept my first XD40.

It's essentially the same gun... I've had so much good luck with it, it's an old friend now and I couldn't let go of it... it's a good handgun I can trust my life to still.
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