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Springfield Omega 10mm pistol..

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Hello. Saw one of these for sale at a local shop yesterday. Very low mileage, someone had some nice modifications done.

For starters, the gun was blue-over-silver, like maybe the frame had been hard chromed. Very pretty. Next, the gun has certainly had a trigger job. Also, somebody (Novak perhaps) had put tritium inserts in the adjustable factory sights. Dot in the front, horizontal bar on the rear.

That last one kind of floored me: Making a carry gun out of a 6" bbl. longslide 1911. As minty as the pistol was, I'm thinking the previous owner was a bit Walter Mitty-ish, if you get my drift.

Anyhow, some questions for y'all: Was the recoil/locking/firing mechanics of this gun different from a standard 1911 in some way or another? Seems to me that "Peters-Stahl"--whose name is on the rear sight btw--had some sort of patent relating to this model. Is my memory on track about that? And finally, anybody here ever own and operate one of these Omegas? What say you?
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Hmm, interesting stuff. Well, I usually learn something when you join in a thread Jim. Kinda wish I'd taken a bit closer look at that Omega yesterday. Not likely to buy it or anything, but it would have been worth studying for a couple more minutes. My attention sorta got hung up on the notion of this gun being used for carry by some previous owner.
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