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Speer Gold Dot

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Don't know if it is permissable, but am seeking advice on where to order Speer Gold Dot for .357, 9mm and .38.

Thanks in advance..........
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The "Double Tap" brand also uses the "Gold Dot" bullet but might be much cheaper.
I used to deal with Natchez, and was always happy - bought plenty of Gold Dot from them, but mostly just range ammo. Since they were running a little thin on some particular ammo I wanted, I went with Midway this fall when I was home on leave. Really happy with them. I now get great email special offers from them every month. I think the latest was "make a 200 dollar purchase and knock 20 dollars off." That was in addition to some attractive ammo discounts they were offering separately. I lunged for a second time, and have some ammo waiting for me when I return this Spring.
Shipping costs appeared to be on average.
Howdy Mr. Bowwave,

Good to see you on line again sir. But I just checked your profile (remember I have magic fingers, lol), and my next Midway suggestion may have to wait till next year, lol. But happy birthday a day early sir.

Next time you can go online with Midway, register your birthday with them. They will then send you a special email, that has a "brithday price" link built into it. Once you open the link, the items at Midway will show their normal cost AND your birthday cost, which is reduced. The link will only work for one order, and there are time limits, if I remember correctly they send you the link like a week before your birthday and the order has to be placed by midnight the night of your birthday. But it can be a really nice additonal birthday present from some mighty nice folks to deal with to boot.

Keep your head down, and let us hear from you when you have the chance.

There is some 9mm plus P Gold dot out right now for $12.50 per 50 rounds. 124 gr. jhp bullet. Last week I ordered a full case for $260, thats 1000 rounds! e-mail me for details if interested
Sadly it is now 300.00+ shipping for 1000 :'(

glad i got my 1000 earlier
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Georgia Arms loads Gold Dot bullets in their "new" handgun ammunition. I've been pleased with their .38 Super GD, a 124 gr. load at 1350 fps. Price is $38 per 100. That's as inexpensive as I've been able to find quality Super defensive ammo. Their .38 Sp and 9mm +P loads are a dollar or two cheaper. --c
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