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The Glock 22 (fullsize model) has a 4.49" barrel. Your Glock 23 (midsize) has a 4.02" barrel.

I would go with the regular Gold Dot in 124gr in either standard pressure or +P as loaded by the factory - If you're set on Gold Dot. Other good choices include the HST, Golden Saber, and Ranger offerings.

I've found in my limited testing that speed, to a point, hurts penetration with the Gold Dot load. For example, the 9mm Gold Dot as loaded by Black Hills at around 1250-1300fps had limited penetration in water. Good expansion, but I believe it expanded too soon and created a parachute effect.

If you have a place to shoot water jugs, I'd highly recommend doing so. Work out your own salvation, as they say.

I don't see you going wrong with either loading, but as I said, I believe the standard Gold Dot in either standard pressure or +P would be the way to go here.

Start looking at the "short barrel" version when you get something the size of a PPK - like a baby Glock. In .40 this would be a Glock 27 with a 3.46" barrel.

Josh <><

My Duty load is 155 grain Speer Gold Dots (the hotter load). I have been very pleased at it's performance. Many departments here are using it and it has aquitted itself quite well in shootings. I now carry it in my off duty weapons as well shelving (well not really burning it all off at the range) I also use it in my compact weapons also. Use it you won't go wrong.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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