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I own and shoot a nickle plated Colt SAA second generation 45 cal Sno. 45xxxSAA in the only part of U.K. that still allows the ownership of handguns for personnal protection and sporting/competition use if a member of a legal shooting club.

I also own and have legally carried a 9mm Hi Power for the past thirty years because of a small amount of public unrest in this part of the UK.

My Colt requires a new cylinder as one of the chambers has bulged under the cylinder lock recess, due to using a very fast burning French powder called Vectan BA10, for which information is hard to get.

The other five chambers are fine but I want to try and get her perfect again, thus I need to know if I can procure such an item, can it be legally shipped from the US to a registered firearms dealer here without hitting the shores of mainland UK, where it could be impounded due to the harsh law there.

If anyone can give some info on his matter it would be very much appreciated.


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Ah, Mr. Donelly, good to see a fellow Irishman on board.

Carolina knows his stuff. I hope ya' find it useful.

I am going to modify the serial number on your pistol (last three digits). Here stateside the last three digits are generally x'd out for security reasons. Nothing against you at all, sir!

Josh <><
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