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380 DPX is on the front burner right now. It should be out sometime January or early Feb. It looks like it'll be an 80 gr pill. Due to the long bearing surface, that's as heavy as we could make it, in order for it to fit in the magazines! We're trying to get this load to penetrate at least 12" in gel.

We are planning a 380 PowRball loading. We will get on the R&D for it as soon as we finsh up a very large foreign order for Safety Slugs. They're made on the same machines. I doubt if DPX will be made in 9 Mak. We need to buy the bullets in large quantities, esp when we are working with a new caliber. Demand isn't enough to justify the cost of tying up inventory.


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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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