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Smith 39-2 Magazines

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Hello. Can someone recommend a source for 39-2 magazines? I'd prefer a factory new or excellent used mag, but such seem virtually impossible to locate. Is there a reliable aftermarket magazine available? Thanks. --c
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Try Cdnn on line and down load thier catalog or give them a call. They seem to have lot's of mags. ;)
CDNN is one of my old dependables, but neither their latest catalog nor their Web site lists them. Thanks, nontheless, for the suggestion. --c
Yo Corky,

Midway shows one from S&W at under $30, and a couple ProMags (ptui).


Prolly not an exact replacement but its all S&W makes now. And they're $41 if you buy direct from S&W.

(I checked around last month looking for mags for my new S&W)


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Howdy Mr. Corky,

I just checked Cheaper Than Dirt as well. They show Smith factory stainless 9rd 39 series mags in stock.


Between Midway and CTD hopefully you will be able to find some sir

Good luck,

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Thanks, fellows. You've solved my problem. I'm surprised that when I goggled for Smith 39 magazines neither Midway or Cheaper Than Dirt came up. --c
Maybe because they list them primarilly forthe later models? I dunno.

AJAX grips also shows the same mag at $44.95 which is more than S&W gets for it ($41.00).

(Yes, I'm still looking) :)

Promag and National and the others I'm not willing to deal with. Too much hassle sending back the ones that don't work. And I don't trust them anyways.

Wish Mec-Gar made some for the 39.


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Howdy again,

With both Smiths and every other brand of pistol I have carried, I either use (1) factory mags (often made for the factory by Mec-Gar) or (2) Mec-Gar magazines.

While I know some folks have had problems with M-G mags, personally in my experience, I have never had an issue with a single of their mags. I normally use their +2 mag offerings, for example their P226 9mm 17 rd magazine, in nickel finish, to readily tell it at a glance from my factory 15 rd mags. I do the same thing with HP mags and other brands when I have that option.

Where many of the other brands are concerned, I have consistently seen them be nothing but a major problem for folks during qual courses. It became enough of an issue that the last two agencies I worked for said factory only magazines for duty use/quals. The weapons we issued, except for Glock, had factory mags made by M-G.

It is not my intent, nor that of any other member I believe, to try to "trash" certain brands of mags. Rather we are just trying to share our personal experiences with various brands.

Hope this helps a bit. I think the mags CTD listed were shown as being Smith factory mags. I have no idea who makes their mags now. But if they are marked "Italy" they are M-G mags with the Smith brand name added - just as M-G does for Sig, Beretta, and many others.

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Two Guns,

I too have found Mec-Gar mags to be excellent. My 17-round Sig 226 version has been 100% reliable as has the 20-rounder for my Beretta 92. The latter is almost flush fitting, which I find quite amazing.

By the way, I ordered the factory mag for my 39-2 from Midway--$32 including shipping (USPS). Thanks, Pat.

I appreciate the helpfulness of the members of this forum--good people.

I remember having one or two in my mag box. I'll have to pull it out and see if they are still in there. I was going to use them for a reason to buy a M39 but I haven't done it yet so I most likely won't. The box is buried in the garage and I'll try and get to it this weekend. If I find them I'll PM you and get your address. I'm not going to promise I still have them but if I do they are yours. you just pay for the shipping. This is something I learned from the other guys here on this forum who have done the same for me.
Thanks, spikey614. I'd be most appreciative. --c

I ran across the mags you want at "Cabelas.com" They are Triple K Brand and are selling for $19.99 w/ free shipping w/SHIP727 code added w/order. I'll try and get to the garage this weekend.
The stainless magazine for my Smith 39 arrived yesterday from Midway. It came in S&W packaging w/ a small "s" over an "m" stamped in the metal and "Smith & Wesson" in minuscule lettering on the plastic base plate.

I was surprised to find that it is not quite flush fitting, extending perhaps a quarter inch below the the butt of the grip. However, it holds nine rounds rather than the eight of the original mags that came w/ the pistol thirty plus years ago.

The enclosed invoice states that it is for the 439, 539, 639, 909, 952, 3904, 3906, 3944, and 3946 as well as the 39.

I haven't had the opportunity to test it at the range, but A-Zoom snap caps/dummy rounds cycle without a problem.

I expect it to prove a good buy at $32, including shipping. --c

Sorry, I looked and so far I can not locate the mags. If I do run across them I will PM you and let you know. I am glad you found some. Good Luck with them.
I see that SARCO has them in stock too. item No. RPM110, $26.00. They are said to be Originals.

Thanks for the effort. Yes, I have found a source or sources for the mags. I'll also keep SARCO in mind. By the way, the Midway mag that I purchased last week functions fine. --c

You may be interested to know that you can buy 10-round S & W 39 magazines from a guy on Gunbroker. I have some, and I haven't had a problem with them so far.

Natchez Shooters Supply, at www.natchezss.com, sometimes has them, and so does the Gun Source.
Thanks. Had never heard of the ten rounders. --c
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