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Hey Steven,
It's great to see that you've set this up. I've drifted away from the HP for a while but just had one of those soul searching moments and am going back to one.
I recently ran into a guy at the local gunshow that had one of the guns I built a few years ago. It's been through the wringer since but I plan on getting her back and restoring her to her previous greatness. I will try and post updates and pics as this develops.

For those of you who don't know me from other forums, here's an intro.
I go by the nickname Doc not because I'm a doctor but because I was a US Navy FMF Corpsman assigned to the Marines. I'm now a full time civilian as of one year ago. I did my last dance with the Marines during the initial assault on Baghdad. If you see the picture in my profile, I'm sitting in one of the "Non-existant" terrorist training camps in Iraq. The AK is a friend that I adopted after a series of events left me with only a M-9 pistol.
I now reside in San Antonio and am a family guy on a family guy budget. None the less, I love to shoot and have a special affininty for the Browning HP. She is my lady love of handguns.
There you have it.

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"...drifted AWAY from the Hi Power???!!! APOSTATE! Hahahahaha! Just kidding.

Thanks for the kind words, but Joshua did the work and set the site up. I don't have enough sense to do this sort of thing.

Hopefully we can have a site here that has topics of interest, shared information, and adult-level discussions w/o trolling, rudeness, or such.

If your HP that's "been through the wringer" is actually mechanically sound, a matte blue or black parkerizing usually covers any blemishes...if you want the gun to be dark in color.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

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