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Silver Bear (Barnaul) 8M1 "effect" ?

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Just bought a few boxes of Silver Bear (Barnaul) 7.62x39mm ,124 gr. ammo for plinking with my trusty Mini-30.The ammo is labeled "match" with "8M1 effect". This is not the same as their 123 gr. HP. I asked the vender what this "effect" was but he didn't have a clue. The bullet looks like a FMJ with a small protrusion on the tip. It also is a couple of hundred FPS slower than thier FMJ or HP. Do any of you shooters know what this 8M1 effect is? Thanks in advance, dgang
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Thanks for the info, Josh. Was wondering about the "8M1 Effect" myself. Cool,5.45x39mm performance (maybe) in a 7.62x39mm.
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