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SIG P210 Production Ceased...

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Hello. I read a post on another site in which P210 guru, Mr. Zeleny, reports that SIG-Neuhausen has ceased production of this very well-made 9mm handgun. For those who might be interested, here is the link:


I mention this just in case anyone here is interested in getting one. They are high-dollar to be sure, but not likely to get any less expensive, but harder to find. Having said that, the already expensive parts may become very hard to find and more expensive as well.

I did a report on the P210 a time back. If interested, it is here:


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As a Swiss from the french part of the country, I didn't heard about the news, so I made my homework and found the article from the local newspaper (Schaffhauser Nachrichten), published on the 7th of december.

For those who read german, you'll find the paper here:

http://www.shn.ch/pages/archivartikel.cf....da=&startr ow=1

Translation of the part about the P210 is as follow:

"In year 2000, two German investors bought all the weapon sector of SIG and gave it the new name Swiss Arms. In the first years, business with hunting rifles, the ex-Swiss Army pistol P210 and the Swiss Army assault rifle SG 550 were gut. (...) But, during the two last years, the war for prices has been harder, the accurate weapons of Neuhausen still had a good reputation but they lost ground toward concurrency. (...)
With its new strategy, Swiss Arms will now concentrate on the developpment, production and distribution of assault rifles. Production of the Swiss Hunting Rifles and P 210s is stopped. (...)"

I'm choked of course, as the P210 was the swiss weapon par excellence and it is now the end... Even if used (and new for some time) are still plenty here and for good prices (1000 francs for used army pistols with the A prefix).

Two days ago, I shot my HP against my P49 (army P210). Even if both weapons are different, they have a special flair. For the little story, during WWII as the Swiss Army was looking out for a replacement for its 7,65 Parabellums, the Waffenfabrik Bern developped a prototype that was strongly inspired by the HP to oppose the SIG project.



P.S.: very good article from Mr. Zeleny on the P210 linked in the HighRoad post.
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First HK announces that the P7 is being discontinued and now SAN sez no more P210's. Looks like 2005 isn't a good year for high dollar Euro 9mm pistols.

I own one of each, a 1992 factory nickel P7M8 and a 1996 P210-6. Got four factory mags for each and the original boxes and paperwork. I figured it would just be a matter of time before the bean counters would kill off these two fine pistols. Looks like the makers of plastik pistolen have finally triumphed.

Some of my shooting pals have handled and shot my P7 and P210. At least one of them will make my an offer on the P210 the next time he sees me. He well tell me that now that the P210 is no longer in production, he will be doing me a favor by taking the "orphan" off my hands and he will even give me a good price. Approx 50% of its blue book value.......

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All steel pistols seem to be dieing slowly :(
Steel is fading for sure. At least in the service pistol market. And if even half the buzz is true about the S&W M&P and the forthcoming HK45, the trend will only accelerate.

There will always be steel, but it will become the realm of the novelty gun, I'm afraid... and that makes me SICK.
Steel and wood will never be a novelty for me!! I'm not beefing the wunderplasticken, but as I get older and more contemplative, I find my interests returning more and more to the silken smooth DA trigger pull of a finely tuned S&W K or L frame, the classic ergonomics of the BHP or 1911 and the design and engineering and care that goes into the production of such fine tools.

I had the great experience at our local recent turkey day annual shoot of introducing many new shooters to my tuned S&W L-frame, my Ruger SP101 "stash" gun and my Uberti SAA clone. Most of them remarked that they didn't know what they'd been missing.

Others are welcome to own and shoot whatever they want. I'm sticking with Old School steel and wood.

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